Menus for the week

January 28, 2008

I never plan menus, but I’d like to try. I like the idea of having a general idea of what we’re going to eat to help avoid the call to the pizza or sushi delivery guy. I also like the idea of double-checking that I’ve got the key ingredients for something I want to make, as often when that’s not the case I give up on making dinner that evening. My DH is good at improvising. I am not. But I don’t want rigidity. I don’t want to know on Sunday what I’m going to be eating at 12:41 on Friday. My life is scheduled enough, thank you very much, I want room to be spontaneous and flexible. But thinking though what I can make for a week – i.e. menu planning – doesn’t necessarily mean assigning everything a firm date, so I’m going to give it a try.

I figured this week is a good one to take a first step, as my DH leaves for a work trip on Wednesday, so for most of the time I’ll be single, therefore able to plan meals to 100% my tastes. Since I don’t feel the need for meat at every meal, and I don’t mind eating leftovers, that makes things much easier than in our life together.

I was so happy to get to the market today – having been away for the weekend we were pretty low on all things fresh, but now I’m stocked up. I have celery root, cabbage, carrots, jerusalem artichokes, onions, beets, spaghetti squash, zucchini, apples, pears, grapes, oranges and clementines. And eggs, yogurt, cheese and a roast beef that will be dinner on Monday (and some leftovers too).

Here are some of what I can make :

  • Jerusalem artichoke soup (I’ve never actually cooked them, but I have a few recipes. Maybe I’ll do something other than soup…)
  • Cabbage (probably plain steamed, I love it that way, and no one to complain about the smell)
  • French onion soup
  • Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce
  • Leftover lentil soup (in fridge – must eat this in first half of the week)
  • Celery root puree (this is a typical French dish – I’ve never made it, but I’ve eaten it several times & liked it. One of my coworkers explained how to make it.)
  • Maybe a good stir-fry. Been ages since I’ve had one… I could use carrots, onion, some of the cabbage, zucchini… Mmmm
  • I think I’ll make some applesauce – we have a lot of old wrinkly apples.
  • Oatmeal. I’ve been eating muesli for weeks, I’d like to add oatmeal back into the rotation…

What a good exercise. I see now that I can’t possibly eat all that in a few days, especially as I’m only home for breakfast and dinner. I guess I’ll put off the onion soup and the spaghetti squash, as both will keep for a while.

Desserts will be fruit or yogurt.

I’m new to this menu thing, am I missing anything?

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