More Tracking, More Fun!

June 10, 2010

I seriously think I may have hit on something with this way of tracking my food alongside my daily pleasures.  It makes me look forward to pulling out the little notebook throughout the day.  I don’t feel like I’m policing myself or living with the drudgery of a food journal (although I am, on both counts) – I feel like I’m enjoying my life more.

Some of my pleasures for the past two days :

  • Berries at breakfast
  • Efficient German airports where you just speed through each step
  • The sound of water in a fountain
  • Reading on the airplane during takeoff & landing
  • A short nap on the plane (needed that!)
  • A beautiful sunny day and a little spare time to actually be out & enjoy it
  • Having lunch at an outdoor café on the side of the lake
  • Swans!
  • Squeezing in time for an exercise walk during a busy day
  • This American Life on podcast
  • Taking a bath
  • Dinner with a friend
  • Having a nice mug of good green tea

On the diet front, not many off-track moments.  Yesterday & today I had 2 squares of 85% cocoa chocolate that I brought from home, which is hardly a deviation since I plan some chocolate into my diet.  Lunch yesterday was a bit of a challenge as it was one of those terrible appetizer-type things with lots of choices of little nibbles none of which were very healthy & almost all of which were not very diet-friendly. The chicken skewers were the best choice by far – and what I filled up on, but I still needed to leave some for others.

All in all, feeling really pleased about the week from both a diet & stress-management perspective!

Now into the home stretch of this big project – by Friday evening it’s history.

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