Motivation for my next mini-goal

June 11, 2010

My next weight loss goal is 189.

It’s hard to write that number as a Goal because a few months ago I was safely below that and reaching for 183 (my wedding weight).  But the truth is, I’ve been hanging out in the 190s for over 2 months and I can’t wish that fact away.  I can only accept where I am and deal with it from here.  So the next goal is 189, last Monday I weighed in at 193 so it’s probably a few weeks away.

I want to pass to 189 and never pass back over the 190 mark again.

Do you reward yourself for weight loss?

Years ago I gave myself a reward every single week that I stuck to my diet.  Over the course of 18 months I think I didn’t reward myself 3 times.  The rewards were based on the right behaviors, not on the scale.  And even then, I was focused on “PROGRESS, not Perfection”.  I sometimes also added bigger rewards for weight milestones.  I bought my first iPod for that kind of reward, for example.   The weekly process rewards were usually a CD, or something else that cost around $15.  I figured I’d be willing to spend that much at Weight Watchers, so why not spend it directly on myself?  That thinking worked for me for a good long time.

In the years since I’ve been living in France I’ve not been using weekly rewards.  I’ve tried a few times but it hasn’t motivated me much.  One thing I have done a few times is to link something I want to a bigger milestone reward.  A few years ago I had a nifty spring Green purse that I bought myself as one of those rewards – and I felt guilty that Spring because I hit my target & then promptly regained 10 pounds. Still, I remembered that it helped me strive to get some pounds off.

Sometimes I need a nudge to focus on weight

I generally put my focus on living a life that I enjoy.  I have a long-term goal to lose weight, but an even bigger goal to do it in a way that is Low Stress, and for me that means that I accept a slower rate of loss than some people (I also have a body that hates to give up weight, so part of that acceptance is just pragmatic).  That does mean that I focus on the process – the good behaviors I want to reinforce, the less-good ones I want to change.  But I don’t put dates to weight goals – I’ve learned that that is diametrically opposed to Low Stress Weight Loss for me.

Sometimes I just want to hit a number

But sometimes I just want to hit a number, and that’s where rewards can play a role for me.

Look at my (future) new purse

This will be mine at 189! It’s actually already in my house – my husband bought it for me (isn’t that nice) but I won’t let myself use it until I hit 189, because that is motivating me.  I want the purse.  I want some more weight gone.  I put these together & focus.

Do you give yourself rewards?  For the process or for the numbers or some mix of the two?

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