Much better

April 22, 2008

Yesterday was much better.  Just having a plan was a big help, a relief from the downward spiral.  I had a delicious homemade smoothie for breakfast, a healthy lunch of soup & leftovers.  Biggest oops was at 7:30pm – we usually eat dinner really later (around 9) but I was hungry and started foraging – ate sauerkraut (weird, but wanted veggies & it was in the fridge) then gave in to a craving I’ve had for a week and had a bag of SmartPop microwave popcorn (the big bags, not the 100 cal packs).  Ate the whole thing and was happy about it but realized then that this would be dinner so I ate some yogurt to try to round it out nutritionally, then homemade applesauce for dessert.  Later when my DH came home for dinner (at 10:30pm) I had nothing w him but did cave in and have 2 squares of dark chocolate (which was a disappointment, it was too old and didn’t taste as good as my usual brand).

My fruit & veggie count was really high – 2 for the smoothie, 3 for lunch,  3 for dinner.  I’m trying to focus on that for the time being – less tracking than calories for the time being and gets me on the healthy path.

It also helps that I started a (paper) food diary.  I’m going to keep using one for the next several weeks, it’s always been one of those things that works really well for me.

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