My Personal Benefits of Exercise

October 26, 2010

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Major Goal : Regular Exercise

I’m still working on this goal of becoming a regular exerciser.  Last week I wrote about why I want to become a regular exerciser , a post which addressed my motivations and touched on the benefits of exercise as a part of my life.  In coming weeks there will be more deep diving into the topic as I work through some of the mental aspects, but rest assured, most of the work is actually, well, exercise.

I just got back from the gym and wanted to write down some of the benefits of exercise just after a workout – the personal benefits from the immediate action, not the far-off vision (although that’s important too).

I’m still working on (struggling with) making regular exercise a part of my life.   I watch myself put off exercise most days, create excuses, and drag myself to the activity when I do it – yet afterward, I’m always happy I did it.

What I like about exercise – my benefits of exercise

Seeing my heart rate respond to my efforts and recover a bit quicker than before

Sweat, which tells me I pushed myself

Rosy cheeks

Feeling proud of myself for doing something to take care of myself

Feeling like I’m doing my part for my health

Knowing I’m strong enough to push myself to overcome inertia

An excuse for another shower and another scrumptious shower gel

Being more alert and energetic for several hours after a workout

When walking around town or other more gentle exercise, I like the knowledge I can get in activity without it being about slogging away on a machine (although I do like the machines too)

The things I distract myself with while I’m at the gym (iTunes is my friend!)

Marking what I did on my calendar – I love that feeling of accomplishment

Now, if only I can memorize this feeling (or this list) for times I’m wavering…

What about you? What are your benefits from exercise?

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