My vacation weight plan

July 29, 2010

My vacation weight plan

First of all, the good news is that I’m even making a plan, since that’s half the battle won right there.

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The vacation

There is so much good about living in France. The food.  The culture.  The language.  My husband. The food.  In fact saying ‘the food’ feels like I’m not adequately respecting the Bread, the Butter, the fresh Markets, the Fancy Dinners, the Wine, the Sauces, the Desserts and… well, I could keep going.

The other really good thing about living in France is the crazy-generous vacation time.  I have five weeks of vacation, in addition to holiday days and a few other days off.  It’s a crazy amount of time for an American, and at first I didn’t use it all, but now that I’ve adjusted, I use all my vacation with pleasure.  Including, this year, a three week vacation that we start on Friday!  We have different plans for each of the three weeks, although “plans” is a bit over-stating our plans to hang out and not do much except relax most of the time.  There will be some hiking.  Probably.  Some swimming. I think.  But mainly reading, hammock, cooking, eating, napping and just hanging out, at least for this first week.

The recent reminder : A backslide & a long recovery

It’s the cooking and eating (along with lack of structured exercise) on this vacation that have me vigilant enough to have allocated one of my coveted “weekly goal” spots to thinking through how I will handle this vacation.

Usually I’m quite good at a taking a short diet detour & getting back on track, I’m not very good at recovering from longer lapses.  I’m still smarting from the fact that I gained 13 pounds in 3 weeks back in April and it’s taken me 13 freakin’ weeks to get them off again.  I guess the good thing is that I’m really clear of how frustrating it’s been to work hard to get back to the same point, so that’s motivating me to keep a lid on what happens this vacation.

The goal : No-Gain vacation

My goal in this case is going to be a weight one, and it’s pretty strict.

I’m not insane, I don’t plan to lose on vacation, but I want to come back at the place where I am now.

My goal is to check in after all the travels with my weight at maximum +1 pound of where I was Monday (186).

I’ll have access to my scale in about 10 days (quick stop back home between destinations) and I’ll report back on how I’m doing.  The last 2 weeks risk to be more challenging for a long list of reasons and I’m not sure how much scale accountability I’ll have, but I should have more exercise opportunties.  In short, a “maintain” goal is a reasonable one, and I’m giving myself the extra weekend at the end to get some excess bloat off my body.  Final check in will be Monday August 30th, and that number needs to be 187 or lower.

I’m being very precise with numbers in a way that you rarely see – I’m not a big fan of time-based weight goals, but in this case, for a pause in my dieting, I think being clear and accountable will really help keep a lid on all the vacation & birthday excuses that will come my way in coming weeks.  I regret not having been stricter with myself this Spring, so this plan is also a reflection of that.

The gameplan

Mainly to try to get some amount of daily exercise.  At first I though I’d turn down Joy’s suggestion that we do this (to build on our vitamin success) but it occurred to me that I have lots of ways to make this happen, and I’m better off with a good goal imperfectly executed than choosing to forsake the goal because I know I won’t be perfect.

I’m also going to continue to work on “leaving something uneaten” which is proving to be the good first step back into “think-while-you-eat” that I was hoping it would be.

How is that “leave something uneaten” / renoncement thing going?

Well, when I remember it’s going fine. When I don’t it’s all going in my tummy.

Tuesday, I remembered at breakfast, and I remembered Tuesday night at dinner twice (appetizer and main dish). Yesterday I remembered at lunch but not breakfast.  Today, breakfast but not lunch.

In short, it’s starting to work, and I think it’s going to be as powerful a tool as I hoped.  Already I can see the progress in my awareness, and that’s after just a few highly imperfect days.

Vacation blogging?

Blogging will continue, but on reduced frequency.  I want to check in for accountability, and I have a list of posts I’ve been wanting to think about and write, so hopefully I’ll get to some of those over the coming weeks.

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