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January 6, 2008

I recently updated my “Progress” page and thought I’d share the changes here.

I’m trying to not be very dependent on the scale, so I am not making many weight goals. I’ve also chosen a weight-management approach that is slow going, and I’m willing to lose one or two pounds a month if I can keep my sanity and keep eating in a normal way without hard-core dieting or constantly running to the gym. As a consequence, every single pound loss is a victory.

After going scale-free for a while, I’ve decided to weigh in once every two weeks or so just so I can see if I’m on track, as going completely scale-free it seemed to be too easy to forget that the goal is indeed to make the numbers (and me!) smaller.

My first major goal is to get out of the “obese” BMI category. Most of my goals focus more on size than on weight, since my ultimate goal is not in pounds, but rather in sizes. My goal is to wear a French size 42. That would put me in the not-top size in any store, giving me loads of shopping choices and a body that is considered normal in this society.

My Weight Ins :

  • Starting : 202 (Oct 14, last time weighted before coming back)
  • Dec 3 2007 : 198
  • Jan 3 2008 : 199
  • Mid January : ???
  • Early February : ???

My milestone goals (and date attained) – I’ll probably add more weight ones as I go:

  • < 200 – Return to Onederland : December 3rd
  • 182 – 1st 10% goal AND lowest weight since 2006 :
  • Fit into 3 suits that are at the back of the closet :
  • 177 -“Overweight” – no longer Obese :
  • Fit into my supercool green corduroy cargo pants :
  • Try on clothes in stores and be comfortably size 46 (French) :
  • Fit into fabulous black skirt that I bought tight and never wore :
  • 167 – return to Lowest Adult Weight :
  • Fit into the slinky lingerie that I bought as “inspiration” but haven’t made it into yet…
  • Try on clothes in stores and be comfortably size 44 (French) :
  • Try on clothes in stores and be comfortably size 42 (French) :

I think I’ll also try to really celebrate every 5 pounds, because at the rate I’m expecting to lose, it’s going to be not-so-often!

I look forward to putting the achievement dates on those goals!

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