Need To Back Down

August 2, 2011

Just jumping in to what I “know I know how to do” isn’t really working.

I’ve lost 3 pounds, but I’m not focused, not motivated, and mostly I’m constantly fighting myself.

I need to back down to an easier approach for a while, and then build it back up to something that will really work, or that I see as my interior ‘ideal’.  Jumping from eating everything and exercising not at all to trying to be doing my ideal is just frustrating me.

So, three small steps for the next three weeks (we’re in town for another week or so, then traveling a bit for about 10 days – this is a plan I can live with this week and during our vacation too).

1) Drink lots of water (and unsweetened teas) – minimum 8 glasses – and keep track at least for a few days

2) Eat at least 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables.  Keep track for this week at least.

3) Exercise 3 times a week.  Can be a stroller walk with the baby, or going to the gym or pool if husband or MIL watch the baby.

Ok, that’s a solid plan, one that gets me back in the good direction and is quite do-able.

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