New Starts, Renewed Hope

January 3, 2012

I love new starts, because they come with renewed hope.

A new year, a new month, week, day.

Start © by jakeandlindsay

We can create our own new starts at any time, but there is something particularly hopeful about the momentum of January, the new month in a new year, and the antidote to the weeks of holiday excesses that have just happened.

I’m very hopeful about this year. I am happier in my life than I can ever remember being. I had some decent weight loss momentum during the last few months of last year that I’m confident will continue in 2012. I have found a diet I can live happily with and that works. I have plans for joining a weight loss support group that will help keep me focused. I have found some ways to keep myself engaged and in the game. I have a clear goal, clear motivations, and no pressure.

In short, I think I have what I need to be successful in place.

The “No-Gain Holidays” plan was a mixed success. It helped me enjoy the season, and I did curb back on days between holiday events, and managed one big family dinner without any missteps. I’ll accept the new baseline of a few pounds up next Monday, as I think a good chunk of what the scale is currently showing is bloat, and this week is a “back to basics” focus week. Yesterday morning was a bit of a challenge, as our house is still full of holiday treats (and Pierre Herm√© to boot!) but by mid-afternoon the struggle aspect was gone and the months of healthy habits had again started reasserting themselves.

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