No change, no surprise

December 8, 2008

My weight today is the same as a week ago, despite almost all days posting daily weights that were 2-3 pounds lower.

I’m not surprised – over the weekend I had more than my expected share of indulgences, and while I was very good most of the time, several salt-heavy meals do not go unaccounted for on the scale.

I was expecting a largely solitary weekend –  my husband had warned me he was really behind on work, so I’d planned to do things mainly on my own.  I stopped by his office Saturday while out shopping, just to drop off some of my loot, and go back at it, but he ended up offering to take me to lunch (indulgence #1 –  French Onion Soup at a really good brasserie – my main course was fish, but with a lot of butter in the sauce).  I still expected to be solo for dinner, but he ended up coming home early and making dinner for us, indulgence #2 which was veal filet mignon in a morel mushroom cream sauce.  I don’t even want to know how much cream he used…  Yesterday, Sunday, I was doing really well on recovering from Saturday, but miscalculated my hunger and ended up ravenous and decided to eat a sandwich (not too bad, but mayo…) and then later we were in a neighborhood the other side of Paris that I don’t know well and went into an Indian grocery (fun!) and a local Indian restaurant too (yes, indulgence #3). It was really good and really fun – a big crepe-like thing that I’d never had before (the place was maked ‘Indian-Sri Lankan’ so maybe it’s a Sri-Lankan pancake? dunno).

So it was a lot more time with my DH one on one, which was really nice, plus several fun and good meals, but not so much in the weight loss mode.

I leave for the US in less than 2 weeks.  I have most of my shopping done, but I’m worried about eating well when I’m there.  I want to already have the following 2 good habits in place before leaving :

  1. Not finishing all on my plate/serving (as US portions are enormous and this is really hard for me)
  2. Keeping a written food journal

So today marks the beginning of both.  No more fooling around on these two things, if I don’t have a few awareness & control rules in place I’ll be in serious trouble in the US for 10 days.

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