No Gain Holidays, 2011 Edition

December 20, 2011

happy holidays! © by mel5545

My holiday weight plan for the past several years has been to hold the line.  To set a date before the holidays, weigh in and set that as the limit of what to maintain during the holiday season.  That’s my plan again this year.  I crossed over into the 100’s this past week, and my plan is to stay here forever, and in particular over the next two weeks.

I will have a few challenging days – a three day trip for Christmas, another family dinner on the 28th, and then New Year’s (eve & brunch on the 1st).  For Christmas & New years I plan to enjoy, the dinner on the 28th I might be hosting (so staying within healthy eating rules might be possible).  The days in between will be my usual healthy eating routine, I’m not doing another set of weeks off and multiple pounds added back.  I did more than enough of that earlier this year.

Exercise has been very sporadic over the past month. I was in a decent rhythm for a while, but it was a lot of walking with the stroller, and between a sick baby and cold rainy days it’s not been as regular recently.  When it does happen, it’s been less intense and shorter too. Although I sincerely want to become a regular exerciser, that goal is off the table for the next two weeks, and I’m hesitating with whether to tackle it again in January or push it off a month or two until I can really focus on it.  I have some other health and life habits that I’m wanting to put more effort towards, and I’m not an advocate on taking on too much at once.  I’m starting to think that regular exercise won’t make the cut of focus goals for January, and that’s okay.

My weigh in on Monday showed 197.6 and my hope is to be there (or lower) on January 2nd, but I’ll put the acceptable limit at any number that keeps me under 200 pounds.

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