No-Gain Holidays

January 11, 2010

Well, a week after starting back into my diet, I can officially say I managed no-gain holidays.

I lost 5 pounds this week, which exactly matches the slow creep up from late November to after New Year’s Day.  I had spent a few weeks at 189 before my weight drifted up a bit for the holidays, but am really happy to have re-found 189 so quickly.

Last week of being seriously back on track was hard.  Starting a diet is always hard, and re-starting back after holiday laxness is not quite as hard as starting over after a long derailment, but it sure isn’t easy, especially those first few days.

I knew last week was a real opportunity to focus on getting some good weight loss momentum going, as I wasn’t traveling & had a lot more control over my environment.  It also helped that my husband has been extremely busy moving to a new office, so he wasn’t around to see much of “grumpy dieting” me.  As happened the last few times I went off track & headed back to dieting this carb-restricted way, the first few days were really rough, and then it smoothed out & was fine.  By Thursday I was back to normal, and yesterday even went out to lunch with my inlaws & wasn’t the least tempted by the bread, wine, dessert etc.

This week? Travel starts again.  I’ll do my best & forgive any downfalls. Will exercise on Wednesday & Friday (the days I’m in town) & again over the weekend.   New fridge is here & is stocked, even for late-night arrivals!

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