No kidding, it’s helping

March 17, 2009

Okay, okay, maybe it’s just the newness, but who cares? I’ve not been upbeat about something for a while so even though it’s just Day 2 I’m celebrating it.

There are lots of small ways this Weight Watchers Online thing is helping me.  Part is the structure, for sure.  I’m using the online food tracker and used it during the day on my BlackBerry too. 

I have no idea of points of anything so I just tried to make the best choices I could at our business lunch.  I made a point to duck out of my dinner meeting tonight and instead hit the grocery store and buy the makings of a nice salad and a fruit and yogurt dessert. 

I also am totally digging this idea of breaking the weight goal into increments of 5%.  Because I am so unhappy with myself for having gone so far ahead of the weight I *used* to be unhappy about (and which is now a LONG way away) I have often just stood looking at the scale in disbelief – I get sick thinking of having dug myself in even deeper into this hole, and I have a hard time waking up to the new reality.  My *old* fat weight is now THREE 5% increments away.  Gosh.  It makes me want to cry.

But there is something do-able about only focusing on that 5% number.  It’s much better (and more productive and realistic) than thinking “I just have to get back to where I was, then I can concentrate on losing weight” which has been the thought lurking in the back of my mind for about 18 months now.  At least with the 5% goals it’s a manageable amount of weight to concentrate on, and it’s making me wake up to the here and now.


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