No, Seriously, This Time I Really Am Starting Again

July 18, 2011

The last time I posted I fuly intended to start back losing weight. I even did start back, but the problem was it lasted only a few days.

One thing is still true – I do start on Mondays, and I’vebeen planning this restart since I failed my last one.

We came home to Paris a little over a week ago, and I wanted to give myself time to settle back into life here (and, I admit, I wanted to dig into croissants and baguettes before startng to diet again). So I planned to start back on my second Monday, to get the French cravings out of my system and to give myself some time to think through how I’m going to approach dieting right now.

So today I started back – pushing water and tea levels up, and for is week concentrating on getting fruit and vegetable servings back up — and for the first time in weeks, getting the junk out. I’m also going to shoot for 3-4 exercise sessions a week, hoping that my husband or mother-in-law will be able to watch the baby a couple of times, and on other days we’ll go out for a long walk (did that today).

I’m really enjoying motherhood, and am also enjoying not working for a while, but it’s clear I’ve gained weight in the past months, and I feel yucky.

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