None of my jeans fit

November 9, 2007

We are going away for the weekend and while packing last night I tried on my 2 biggest pairs of jeans. Neither of them fit, nor did the black cords which were too baggy last winter. All were buttonable but skin-tight and uncomfortable.

It is so frustrating, I am so mad at myself for getting back here.

My husband was really nice, he walked in as I was wrangling with pair #2 and he told me that I shouldn’t do that to myself and that undoubtably it was the dryer’s fault. (Uh, he’s put on a few pounds too these past months!) I took the one pair of black casual pants that fit, and some yoga pants with me. Ugh.

And it’s true that I am still affected by the pregnancy/miscarriage (confirmed yesterday by the doctor that all is not back to normal yet), and still have the pregnancy hormones bloating my everythings (boobs, belly, waist, etc), and still wreaking havok on my digestive system. Apparently this could go on another 2 weeks or longer.

Funny how a few months ago I was super-upset with myself for weighing 185, and today I see that as a far-away target weight.

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