Not weighing in this week

June 14, 2009

I’ve decided not to weigh in this week.  I’m still following my low-carb diet, still enjoying the fact that I’m almost never hungry, and certainly less worried about ‘when do I eat’ than before.

But Sunday we are going to the fabulous chateau in Champagne for lunch and dinner. It’s our anniversary.  The chef has 3 Michelin stars.  I have cancer.

I think I deserve a week or two off from weighing in.

I will eat what I want on this short trip, and I will do the best I can while in the hospital this week, but hospitals put people on a glucose drip and the food is almost always carb-based, and unless I decide to become a huge pain in the ass about my diet, I think I just need to go with the flow and get back on track as soon as I’m back home. 

I don’t see how being a royal pain at the hospital about what I’m eating will help me – I’ve been in France long enough to know that I’ll just make enemies, and I really don’t want to have to defend my diet to everyone.  I want my fights in the hospital and healthcare system to be about getting my pathology report read faster, pain medication when I need it, and access to the best doctors out there, not about idiotic things like whether the scale will bounce up because I eat carbs for a few days.  Besides, if I ask my husband and my mom to bring me low carb foods from outisde they’ll both be happy to have something concrete to do.

I’ll probably weigh in next week, take the hit of the numbers rising with carbs, and watch in the following week or two as they come back down.  If I don’t let you know what’s happening weight-wise, will someone please nudge me back on track? I’m okay with a slight step off the straight-and-narrow, but I don’t intend to go AWOL no matter how good a sob story I can create about how I deserve it.  You could also scare me with stories of how cancer feeds on sugar (carbs) which generally has been enough to keep me from even a small nibble, but you never know what the return to carbs might do to my brain…


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