Numbers 21-30 of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy

April 26, 2010

We were away for the weekend, and it was really nice.  I think I can find 10 things for my 100+ Things That Make Me Happy list from this weekend which we spent in Estes Park, Colorado

21) The Mountains

Preferably the Rockies, and preferably in Colorado, but I always love mountains anywhere.   Of course, this weekend we were in the Colorado Rockies so it was great!

22) Going out for a decadent brunch :

This is much easier to do in the US than in France, and we’ve indulged in it quite a bit this trip.  This morning both my husband & I ordered eggs, and we also ordered a berry-topped waffle to share.  Going back to dieting will be a shock to my (overindulged) system.

23) A big chunk of time to read a mystery or thriller :

Mystery & thrillers are not my normal reading materials, but we started the Steig Larsson trilogy last year & took book number 2 with us on this trip — and since books are heavy I hate bringing them & not reading them.  Since our trip ended up with bad weather, it was good for reading…  I finished The Girl Who Played with Fire in under 24 hours.

24) Hot tubs :

I rarely go in hot tubs, but every time I do I wonder why I don’t do it more often.  Our cabin had a hot tub and we used it each day, sitting & reading, enjoying the landscape, pretending the other cabins weren’t too close & enjoying the contrast of hot water & cool air around us.

25) Independent coffee shops :

Where you can buy a nice hot drink & sit back and relax for an hour or more.  I settle for Starbucks when I must, but if I have the choice I prefer independent shops.

26) Mexican food :

I like Mexican food, and I miss it a lot when I’m in France.  We’ve had quite a bit of it since we’ve been in Denver (very big Latino population in this city).  My favorite is still the kind that is dripping with chili sauce & cheese.   Tonight I had chile rellenos – yum!  The really good salsas are a real treat too – especially because in France, to get good salsa I have to make it, whereas here it’s easier to find.

27) Spending time with my husband with nothing on the agenda :

This trip has been a special treat because we’ve had so much couple time.  Work is on computers & phones & is very early in the mornings, but in the evenings in Denver Europe is sleeping so we’ve had lots of time alone.  We’re both caught up with work & overall pretty relaxed and so it’s been really nice to be together. Since in our usual lives one or both of us is stressed with work & traveling, and weekends are often full of lots of social obligations, it’s been a really nice time.

28) Seeing wild animals in their natural environment :

I have always liked going to the zoo because I love to see the different animals, but it’s always sad too, because no creature was made to live in a prison like that.  I love it when I get to see wild animals in their natural environment – we saw tons of chipmunks, squirrels, and birds, but also a Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep closer than I’ve ever seen one (about 10 feet!) and a bunch of elk, including 3 young bucks with half-grown fuzzy antlers hanging out in the middle of the road for 5 minutes.  Very cool!

29) Makeup counter Bonus Time :

It’s ridiculous how much I enjoy something so dumb, but the truth is, I get a thrill when it’s Bonus Time.  Since in France they don’t do the Bonuses with the same generosity, all my purchases of Lancome & Clinique are done stateside.  Often it’s my mom or sister who pick them up for me, and this trip I got lucky & hit two separate ones.  Both made me smile (even though I rarely even use the free gifts).

30) Cinnamon flavored stuff :

I like cinnamon a lot, and I think I like it even more now that I live in Europe, because it’s a fundamentally American flavor, and one that is no where near as common in France.  Cinnamon gum, cinnamon toothpicks, cinnamon bagel chips, cinnamon ice cream, cinnamon body wash…  But mostly the cinnamon gum.  I have several packs in my suitcase ready to travel back with me.

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