Numbers 31-40 of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy

June 15, 2010

Long overdue, it’s time for another installment of my 100+ Things That Make Me Happy list

31. Buying a gift for a new baby

There are so many very cute things for new babies, and someone having a new baby is such a hopeful statement to the world.  I love buying gifts for new babies – I usually hit babyGap if it’s a French baby, and Petit Bateau for American babies.  Gymboree is my backup for French babies, because sometimes Gap has nothing nice.

32. The circus

I actually don’t know if this would still make me happy – I haven’t been to a circus in 20 years, but I loved it as a kid & would like to go again to see if I still like it.  The majesty, the multiple rings, the clowns, the trapeze artists!

33. Hugging a friend

In France, people give those little cheek kisses, but hugging is reserved for intimacy.  I love hugging my husband and he knows I miss hugs in general, so he indulges me in extra hugs when I need it, but there is somehow no real way to make up for hugs from friends.

34. A big pile of magazines

Oprah, ReadyMade, Real Simple, Self, the New Yorker, plus an art magazine or two.  And sometimes trashy celebrity magazines like US, People & InStyle.  I’ve given up on fashion magazines and women’s magazines – they just make me feel rotten about myself or pitch buying stuff that I don’t need.  Any magazine that makes it seem “normal” to have plastic surgery or to spend a month’s salary on shoes is a deforming influence on society…

35. My list of favorite quotes

I have a list of favorite quotes that goes back about 15 years.  I add to it only when I find something really meaningful to me, and reading back through the whole document is always emotional, because the types of quotes that speak to me vary with other things going on in my life, so I relive ups and downs in my life as I re-read the quotes.

36. Taking a nap in the afternoon

There are lots of nice ways to pass a few hours in the afternoon, but sometimes the best thing is nothing. Not nothing exactly, but a wonderful dip into sleep, be it the short 20 minute power nap variety, or a longer snooze.

37. Writing with a nice pen

Even though I now do most of my writing on computers or gadgets, I still love the feel of a nice pen in my hand. I’m pretty picky – ink must be blue, but not blue-black. The pen should have heft, but not be too thick. Here’s and example of a pen my husband gave me that I really enjoy

38. I hate to admit it, but eating sunflower seeds

It’s gross to see someone sucking on, cracking open & spitting out sunflower seeds so this is strictly a solo activity. But I love salt and I love crunch and I love sunflower seeds. They can keep my mouth and hands happy for quite a while. When I first moved to France I struggled to find them and ended up bringing big bags of David’s with me, but two years ago I found a local brand which is the best I’ve ever tasted – nutty, almost burnt, less salty then American brands.

39. That feeling when you take off your bra after wearing it for many hours

😉 Needs no explanation, does it?

40. My iPhone

All the educational, mind-enriching, connected content. All the fun games and gadgets. Having several worlds of audio and video on demand, with me everywhere.

What makes you happy?

If you start the 100+ Things List I’ll link to your post (or page) if you let me know


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