Numbers 41-50 of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy

July 9, 2010

It’s time for another edition of “100+ Things That Make Me Happy“.  This is actually a partially themed edition, mainly around Summer pleasures, after some brainstorming inspired by a blog post I read recently about anticipating the pleasures of Summer.  This set of my Happy List is a mix of recent & anticipated pleasures, but I love the idea of thinking through pleasures of the Season!  Definitely something to keep in mind in the future.

41. Silence

I enjoy music, I enjoy conversation, I enjoy listening to all kinds of audiobooks, podcasts, etc, but most of the time I spend in silence.  When I am home alone I rarely turn anything on, and prefer to listen to the birds in the morning and then the sounds of the city during the day, and the silence most of all.  I suspect it’s because it allows me to reduce distractions and think and imagine.

42. Days when I work from home and can control my schedule

Sadly, these days are becoming fewer and fewer.  I’m moving into a new job, and there will be less opportunity for me to work from home, so I’m really savoring the days that I can.  When I don’t shower until mid-morning, when I make 4 kinds of tea because I can, I eat out of my own refrigerator, I go to the gym at lunchtime, I get errands done in between things, I dust & file during teleconferences.  I enjoy my house, I enjoy spending time in it, I like the time working alone, and I like saving the commuting time.

43. Getting unexpected calls, SMS & emails from my husband just saying he loves me

I know my husband loves me, but I still love the sweet nothings he sometimes sends me.  I love too when he calls in the middle of busy days for both of us just to say he t'aime email

44. Iced tea & ice cold water on a hot day

It’s hot here now.  In the 90s, and no air conditioning.  I love to help keep cool by keeping a jug of water & several jugs of teas in the fridge.  I start making new tea as soon as I pour a glass.  Yesterday I had sport tea, ginger green tea (which is MUCH better iced than cold), cinnamon apple, lemon zinger & a fabulous black tea from Mariage Frères called Pleine Lune which is always a favorite but was so yummy iced!

45. Going to the theater

I love going to plays in general, but I especially love going to the French classics at some of the good theatres in town.  Last weekend we scheduled for the 10-11 season & bought tickets to a few things, and even scheduled 2 plays in the next couple of weeks.  Usually I push myself to read the classic French plays before going so I don’t have to concentrate as much when I’m there, which also helps me reinforce language skills.  Reading old French authors is much easier than Shakespeare – the language hasn’t changed much.

46. Tomato plant smell

I love a juicy tomato in the summer but they usually hit their peak in August & the early summer ones are just pretenders.  The smell of the stems and leaves, however, is phenomenal from day 1.  I have a small cherry tomato plant on my balcony that I just run my fingers through & inhale.
Tomato Plant

47. Fresh clean pretty sheets

I’ve always loved sheets.  I love good cottons and the beech has turned out nice as well (especially in summer).  I am picky about them matching, being in good shape, being changed regularly, and each set adding a different dimension to our bedroom.  Right now we’re in dark red, next week I think the steel blue Calvin Klein (wedding gift) will make a showing.  I like them in the day and I love them to fall asleep, lying in luxury.

48. Carrying around a really nice purse

Most women schlep around a big bag o’ stuff all the time, and sometimes it’s the practical side that wins, at other times the visual.  Personally I’m more of a practical girl – I’ve bought one white purse in my life & it was a carefully-selected wipeable type of leather.  Over the years I’ve given myself a few desired purses as rewards for something major (most recently getting the weight loss moving again), so my collection of purses is also infused with memories.  I love how each time I pick it up I enjoy the feel of the leather and the reminder that I can do hard things.

49. Exuberant & vibrant gardens

We have a small garden in back that enjoys growing wildly, and it creates this fabulous intensely vibrant space in summer that is just a joy.  I snip off the roses to put them in my house – 5 more flower to replace them. I cut back a crazily growing bush, and it stretches in another direction.  It’s life, exuberant!
2 great iPhotos

50. Eating outdoors

Although I don’t like bugs & I have a Goldilocks approach to a comfortable temperature (not too hot, not too cold, “just right”), I do enjoy eating outdoors.  We have a big table in our back garden & we eat outside most of the summer.  In Paris, of course, one of the pleasures of living here is the abundance of cafés with outdoor seating, and those are used year round.  In winter they have heat lamps above you.  Today you have to carefully judge to try to sit downwind of the smokers (who are now chased out of inside) but it’s nice to be able to people watch in the sunshine.

What makes you happy?

If you start the 100+ Things List I’ll link to your post (or page) if you let me know.  I have a new page up with my Happy List above under the heading “Relax”


Weekend Plan

One thing I’ve been doing recently is making a specific weight loss plan for the weekend on Fridays & I’ve noticed that just commenting on your own plan seems to help everyone think through one of the biggest weight loss minefields we face routinely.

It will be nice but hot in Paris this weekend.  We don’t have too much scheduled – both my husband & I are feeling like canceling, not accepting, invitations these days.  We do have theater tickets but mainly just plan nice times relaxing at home & maybe starting to work on some projects like organizing the basement.

I feel like this weekend is a good focus opportunity for me, since next week I’m traveling all week & I’d really like to keep some weight loss momentum going.

What about you? What are you facing this weekend, and how will you handle it?

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