Numbers 71-80 of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy

March 11, 2011

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I’m thrilled to be back with the next installment of  “100+ Things That Make Me Happy“.  The fact that I’m back to writing this up means my life is largely back to normal.

71. Hearing birds singing to each other in the morning

I live in Paris, and I love it here, but I especially love it in the Spring.  And one of the ways I knew Spring was coming a few weeks back is that I started hearing the birds again.  We have a wall of ivy behind our place and there are birds galore in it.  In the morning they chirp and trill and sing (it’s a wonderful counterpoint to the whir of traffic that I also hear).

72. Silly stickers

I’ve always loved stickers.  When I was a little girl I remember Mrs Grossman’s stickers being all the rage, and I remember carefully calculating how many little squares of stickers I could get with my allowance.  Now that I’m all grown up I don’t have as much use for stickers, but luckily I live with an 11 year old who still loves them (and doesn’t hold himself back).  (will update with photo if my computer gets fixed this week…)

73. Getting my eyebrows done

I’m a pretty low maintenance girl.  I take care of a lot of my own grooming needs, and while I go to the hairdresser regularly to keep the gray at bay, I have never found it to be that relaxing or pleasurable.  I do, however, absolutely adore having my eyebrows professionally tweezed.  Not waxed, not threaded, but old-fashioned hair-by-hair shaping of the brows, not too thinned out, but nicely structured.  I always am complemented by people afterwards who ask if I have a new sweater, or new makeup, or am back from vacation or if I found a miracle cream.  Nope, I found a fabulous boutique that does nothing but brows and it’s worth every centime!

Day 27 - Sleep
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74. Visiting a museum or art exhibit

One of the things I used to be great about was enjoying the cultural resources of Paris, in particular the visual arts.  We’re still pretty good about going to theater and opera, but museums I’m usually on my own and I’ve gotten lazy recently.  Now having a bit more breathing room in my schedule I’m back to planning out the ones I want to see & fitting them into my schedule, and it’s good for my soul!  I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep going with my baby in tow – but just in case I’m stocking up on art books!

75. Buying organizational tools

I am such a sucker for organizational tools.  Pretty colored boxes.  Units of drawers.  Stacking bins.  I’m cleaning up a lot of my house these days and every few days I come up with new things I could put into boxes.  And one of the local stores has a new collection of fabric covered boxes, and the same lady has rung me up three times with a big set of purchases.

76. Finishing a project that I’ve been working on for a long time

With a baby coming soon I’m trying to wrap up a bunch of things that I’ve wanted to get done but I felt could wait.  Now the waiting is over – I know my life will be very different, and either those projects are getting done NOW or likely some of them will be NEVER.  Some are fun good projects, some are things I’ve dreaded and put off, but all of them feel great when I can cross them off my list!

77. Well-manicured hands

Over 10 years ago when I first started getting on track to take better care of myself on the thinking that eventually led to me starting to lose weight from my highest point (over 250 pounds), the very first step I took to take care of myself was to take care of my hands.  I would file and shape my nails, tend to my cuticles, and then put on clear polish (clear, because I  cannot stand chipped polish, and clear can pass a day or two longer than anything else with a bit of wearing down).  Once I started losing weight I stopped paying as much careful attention to my manicure routine, but every so often I do it again, and it’s always a nice treat – for days every time I type or write I appreciate my hands being at their best!

78. Having the luxury of a slow morning with newspaper, hot tea, breakfast & a gentle ramping up for the day

This is something that’s been a weekend pleasure for most of my adult life, and something that will be put aside for a few years as I switch to the pleasures of parenting (and kids who wake up early!).  I’m trying to enjoy my last few weeks and months of leisurely mornings.

79. Getting cards from my mom full of cartoons & other newspaper clippings


My mom reads the paper daily and cuts out bizarre articles and sort-of-funny comics, and rips interesting articles out of magazines and then writes a long hand-written letter inside a pretty or funny card and puts the whole thing in the mail to me.  She sends the accumulated stuff every few weeks, and has for most of my life.  I absolutely love getting these packages from her, and secretly love that my husband never finds the cartoons she sends funny (humor is very cultural, and French/American doesn’t translate very well)

80. Having my back rubbed

One of the most sensual, pleasurable sensations is my back being lightly stroked… mmmmm When I’m very stressed or having a hard time relaxing for sleep I ask my husband to rub my back a bit.  Instant bliss.

What makes you happy?

If you start the 100+ Things List I’ll link to your post (or page) if you let me know.  There is a page that shows my Happy List above under the heading “Relax”

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