Off to a good start

August 20, 2008

I headed back to work and back to tracking my diet at the same time.  I’m not really starting over – I was eating pretty well on vacation and exercising pretty regularly, it’s just been the few days away when my eating was a bit out of whack – normal for both an end-of-vacation setting free, and also the stress and sadness of the failed pregnancy.

Still, being more strict felt good, and made some of the choices at a hotel convention meeting for 3 days a lot easier.  I tried to pay attention to eating more fruits and veggies, didn’t allow myself anything other than plain yogurt or fruit for dessert, skipped the bread on the buffet (even though a few times it looked better than the rest of the meal) and had only fruit and tea at coffee breaks.  None of that felt like a big deprivation – I know from years of experience that the hotel-buffet desserts and carb nibbles they set out are mass-produced industrial junk that tastes greasy and sugary and not very interesting.

got lucky with the fruit plan — there were big baskets of fruit at every meal, full of variety, including a bunch of rare exotic stuff that costs a fortune that I hadn’t tried — and luckily one of my dining partners had traveled widely and knew a bunch of these fruits and orchestrated several tastings — YUM!  My favorite was the mangosteen, a fruit I’d tried and loved before but then forgot about it as it’s not easily available near me.


Also interesting but not quite topping the mangosteen was the granadilla, which is a variety of passionfruit and is sweeter and milder in flavor, but gummier and grayer in looks.  Was pretty ugly to see but tasted good.  I wouldn’t go too far out of my way to find it, but if it’s next to the mangosteens (which ARE worth finding the time to get to an Asian market) I’d pick some of them up.


Our meeting ended today and not-too-late, so I was able to get to the pool and swim, which was something I’d looked forward to since the weekend.

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