One More Reason To Focus On Achievable Goals

August 12, 2010

Two Extremes of Goals

When you set goals you can set Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals or you can set Easily Achievable Goals.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments - Jim Rohn
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Overall in life, both have important roles to play, but in my opinion, for weight loss, Achievable Goals are more important.

Actually, I have nothing against Big Hairy Audacious Weight Goals, as long as they are liberally interspersed with many Achievable Goals.

Achieving Goals Keeps You Motivated

The reason Achievable Goals is powerful is because it keeps you motivated.  It will take you many months to lose 50 pounds, but you can lose 5 much faster.  And while you may still dream of 50, celebrating the 5 can keep you going.

There are tons of ways to set Easily Achievable Goals and one of the best is to focus on something other than the number of pounds lost.  Days of exercise, daily calories, servings of vegetables, all can become the Goals themselves.

Another great idea is to focus on how the healthy habits and accomplishments make you FEEL.  More limber, more energetic, sexier.

A Little Weight Lost, A Lot Less Pain

A recent study shows that focusing on immediate health benefits, specifically pain reduction, is another great motivator.

“By focusing on an immediate benefit that can be felt — like pain reduction — instead of the future health impact of obesity, weight loss programs may be able to inspire overweight individuals to lose weight,” says Susan Kotowski, PhD, study collaborator and director of the Gait and Movement Analysis Laboratory in the UC College of Allied Health Sciences.  In the study, significant associations were found between weight loss and overall pain reduction.  Focusing on a benefit of losing a relatively small amount of weight can reinforce the multiple benefits of weight loss, even before changes are readily apparent in a mirror or in the way your clothes fit.

What Achievable Goals have you set for yourself recently?  What small achievements have you celebrated?


Weekend Plans Check In

I’m still on vacation, so weekends are no different for me for a while, but one of my biggest weight loss challenges is making good choices that keep my weight loss plans going over the weekend.

I typically post a few quick bullets on Fridays about the challenges I’m facing over the weekend & how I’ll manage them, including when I’ll fit in exercise, and which treats I’ll plan for, and which I’ll pass over.

It’s become something of a tradition here for visitors to formulate their own weekend plans leave them in the comments.

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