One wrong turn needs two right ones

May 20, 2008

I heard an interesting comment the other day – when we take a wrong turn, we don’t go in the right direction with just one turn in the good direction – it takes two right turns to get back to where we were.  With one we are facing the correct way, but with two you are back at the same longitude…

I found the thought to be really helpful.  I’ve been on this weight loss road so long that I’ve learned to roll w the punches and not beat myself up too much when I step off the path of the straight and narrow — forgive and move on.   I don’t believe in “punishing” a mis-step either, however to have in mind that I need to be “good” not once, but TWICE  after a misstep makes sense to me…

I’m currently in a meeting in Brussels where the offerings are more challenging than usual, and the meeting hours pretty brutal, so if I follow this advice I guess I’ll be needing to make “right” turns for the rest of the week to get back to the good place – but we’ll just take each day as it comes and do the best we can.

Just to perk myself up a bit, I listed all the temptations of yesterday afternoon that I did NOT eat : potato salad, pasta salad, leftover sandwiches from lunch, plates of cookies, plates of chocoloates, waffles, eclaires and napoleons, Coke, orange juice, apple juice, croissants.

I practiced feeling hungry and drank glass after glass of water, and made about 6 cups of tea too.  We went from 12:00 lunch  break until ending the meeting at 7:30pm with all that stuff in the room, and other than lunch I ate just a banana…  Dinner at 9:00 pm I couldn’t resist the bread (whole wheat) but did order well and eat reasonably.

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