Out of the hospital, into the waiting

June 17, 2009

The hospital visit turned out to be quick – I was out about 36 hours after surgery (which in the US would be a long time for what I had done, but here in France they usually keep you longer).

Surgery went well.  My big belly made the laparascopic pelvic part harder for them, but they did it and I’ve got multiple puncture marks on my abdomen.  The pain control has been good and bleeding has been minimal.

I have to wait until Monday afternoon to know more – to know how the pelvic wash turns out, how any biopsies turn out, and how they will grade and stage the cancer in the endometrium.  It’s going to be a LONG several days.  I’m off work until July 1st (which probably isn’t physically necessary, but probably IS a good thing for my head).

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