Overdid it

November 11, 2009

Well, as some of you cautioned, I have indeed overdone it.

My mom keeps insisting that we go out for a walk every day and I keep going no matter how I feel.  And she believes in making it longer and longer each day.  So yesterday was an hour and twenty minutes and after we got home I felt light headed for over an hour and then had terrible belly pains all evening (continuing today).

My husband (who has been telling me each day that I’m doing too much & that I need to rest) was really upset last night & told me that today I needed to listen to him, why was I listening to my mom?  Well, because she’s a doctor (retired, and with no knowledge of surgical recovery).  He said, no, she’s here to be a nurse to you, not a doctor.  Good point.

So here I am curled up on the couch with my swelly belly… but the idea of moving nauseates me, so it must be the right decision.

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