A Wellness Plan

March 9, 2011 Plan

photo credit: MyTudutI’ve had bits of it floating in my mind for quite a while now, but I’ve added writing a Wellness Plan to my longer-term goals.  And rather than wait for perfect, I’m jotting down some thoughts here and now. If you want to get fancy about it, this article seems loaded with ideas.  […]

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March 2, 2011 General

photo credit: chrisinplymouthIn forty eight days I go to wait for my baby to be born. Well, I guess I’m already waiting, but I travel to the city that will forever be on baby’s paperwork as the place of birth. Several weeks later (we hope) we’ll get to meet our little one (and I’ll ge […]

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Getting That “Settled In” Feeling Again

February 22, 2011 General

I’ve been back on track for the last month or so – no major “whoosh” weight losses, but steady movement in the right direction, and despite a few weekends where I just went with the flow to not be a major PITA houseguest, the scale is solidly down about 5 pounds (more on days when […]

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This Is What A Yo-Yo Dieter Looks Like

February 14, 2011 Low Stress Weight Loss

photo credit: dolmansaxlil I was looking over some records of 2010. I started the year at 195, I ended the year at 198. It looks on paper like I gained 3 pounds. But, I’m a Yo-Yo Except I also lost 34 pounds in 2010. That should call for a celebration but there is a little […]

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Accepting Where You Are, Even if it’s “Unacceptable”

February 9, 2011 My journey

photo credit: RedEyedRex It really sucks when your weight has gotten above your “acceptable” upper limit again.  I’m not crazy enough to expect to LOSE weight over the holidays, nor was I pushing on the weight loss front when it took all of my mental capacities to get through the day when I had other […]

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Keep On Truckin’

January 24, 2011 Motivate

Of all the weight loss advice you can ever get, nothing probably is more true than to keep trying. Anyone reading a weight loss blog can probably relate to the number of times that life gets in the way of that weight loss goal.   I suspect the biggest difference between those who stay obese forever […]

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Weight Loss Plan for the Week of January 10th

January 10, 2011 Plan

photo credit: CHRISSPdotCOM I’m back & focused! Well, as focused as I think I’m likely to be for the rest of 2011 anyway.  My mind is constantly filled with babythoughts which makes it hard to work, hard to get things done, hard to read, hard to do a lot of stuff.  But one thing for […]

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Many Changes In My Life In 2011

January 5, 2011 My journey

photo credit: SldfromMT There will be many changes in my life this year. In a few months I am going to get my baby – everything is progressing well for both baby and surrogate. I have a lot of things I have to get under control in the time before baby comes – including getting […]

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Still Here

December 23, 2010 My journey

photo credit: JoeBenjaminI’m still here, but I’m a bit distracted these days. If I manage no gain holidays it will be lucky. I’m working on my 2011 goals and all I need to do to be ready for the baby & I am thinking about where blogging fits in to that. Happy holiday wishes Sarah

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Weight Loss While Distracted : Taking It Day By Day

December 13, 2010 General

photo credit: JoeBenjamin I’m Quite Distracted These Days I’ve been worried about my job, I spend a lot of time thinking about the upcoming baby, I try to keep my emotions on an even keel and not let my natural worry-wart tendencies burst to the front, but also keep a grounded approach to all going […]

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Fall Down 7 Times, Stand Up 8

December 9, 2010 My journey

One of my favorite quotes has always been this Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight – Japanese proverb I went missing for a few days I fell off the “Regular Exercise” wagon again (after 8 weeks… sigh) I had a bad eating weekend last week My weight has bounced around a bit but I […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of November 29th

November 29, 2010 Plan

A quick post for the upcoming week’s plan Last week I didn’t post my plan because I wanted to kick off the “No Gain Holidays” support process (you can still join). I actually had a really good, really focused week. I was home for the whole week for a change, and able to have a […]

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What Is “Regular” Exercise?

November 26, 2010 Move

These days my focus is on just one habit – but it’s a big one : Becoming a Regular Exerciser. What is “Regular” exercise? It’s important to define what “Regular” exercise means to you.  For me, it’s about getting enough extra movement on regular basis to have good cardiovascular health and to be able to […]

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Thanksgiving Announcement : Baby On The Way

November 24, 2010 about me

Look Who’s Coming! I am so pleased to announce to you all that we are expecting a baby in the late Spring of 2011! Our gestational carrier (politically correct term for “surrogate”) is successfully pregnant! It’s Been A Challenge Those of you who have followed for a long time know the backstory. For those newer […]

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Make The Pledge : No Gain Holidays

November 22, 2010 Motivate

This week marks the kickoff of the Holiday season for most of us.  In the US it’s Thanksgiving this week, and even here in France all my junk emails seem to start with pleas for holiday spending. The Weight Gain Season I’m sure you know that most people gain weight over the holidays.  Estimates range […]

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