Intuitive Weight Loss

October 4, 2010 Plan

Intuitive Weight Loss photo credit: Callt_o Last Tuesday I realized I could stop weighing in for a while and probably do better on my weigh loss.  Almost as soon as the idea popped into my mind, I knew I had to pursue it. The way I see it is to relax about the monitoring and […]

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Weight Loss Tips for Meetings and Conferences

September 30, 2010 Featured

photo credit: bizjournal I work for a big company and we luv us some meetin’s Sadly, I spend large portions of my life listening to banal buzzwords like “circle back,” “manage expectations,” “customer centricity,” and my personal favorite, the ultra-meaningless “solution”.  Most of the time these words are thrown around during Meetings or sometimes even […]

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“Settling In” To Weight Loss Mode

September 28, 2010 Featured

photo credit: melodramababs There are many phases to the weight loss process – getting ready to start, the first few days and weeks, maintenance. In between that starting time (when you’re really motivated) and the end (where you need to face adjusting your life to maintain your weight loss) is the long-term ‘weight loss mode’.  […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of September 27th

September 27, 2010 Plan

photo credit: ryanwaldon2002 No Place Like Home This week I’m home all week & am so very grateful. It’s good for my spirit, good for my marriage, and good for my weight loss too. The menu for the week is planned (and largely prepped), the gym playlists & movies are loaded up, stacks of magazines […]

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Change Your Plans When Your Life Changes

September 21, 2010 Plan

Low Stress Lessons : Change Your Plans When Your Life Changes photo credit: Enokson On my vacation this summer I had a whole plan of things I wanted to blog about I’ve not actually had the time to do any of it. I spent the last 3 weeks beating myself up over it until I […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of September 20th

September 20, 2010 Plan

photo credit: ashley rose, Regular Rhythm Again I’m back more or less to a regular rhythm again.  It’s always hard to find a new equilibrium when my life changes, but I think I’ve found a new balance. Right now, it’s not a very fast weight-loss pace, but it once again gives me comfort that the […]

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Back to basics week : Daily Pleasures

September 15, 2010 Relax

One of my goals this week has been one of my “back to basics” of focusing on daily pleasures. This is a little happiness-boosting, stress-busting technique that takes little time and pays off big time. In addition to reducing stress and increasing your focus on happiness, I’ve found it also helps me stay focused on […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of September 13th

September 13, 2010 Plan

Life is busy!  I am busy! photo credit: Michael Loke I almost didn’t get to this weekly plan at all, and my blogging rhythm has been messed up by a busy new job. No matter – I’m here now. Last week was not stellar It was not bad considering everything else I had going on, […]

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Catching Up On Blog Awards

September 8, 2010 Uncategorized

I really do love receiving awards, it’s just that I so often feel like I don’t have enough time to write what I was planning, that I often stumble when trying to find the time to accept the awards I’ve received.   This vacation while reading blogs I decided to go ahead and accept one and […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of September 6th

September 6, 2010 Plan

Getting back on track photo credit: wsilver Last week I reported that my post-vacation weigh-in showed a 5 pound gain.  It could have been worse, of course – after all, it was a 4 week vacation spanning 2 continents. The biggest victory actually is that I was able to immediately get back on track with […]

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Every Path Has It’s Puddle

September 2, 2010 Motivate

My path for my weight is about “Low Stress” weight loss. My path means there will be detours and pauses, even some back-tracking.  As long as the big picture general trend is gently downwards, I’m cool with it. I love the quote above : “Every path has it’s puddle” — It’s an English proverb.  For […]

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Numbers 51-60 of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy

August 31, 2010 Relax

It’s time for another edition of “100+ Things That Make Me Happy“.  One of the best things of this edition, is almost all of it is from actual experiences I’ve had during this first week of summer vacation (and even better, there are still two weeks left of vacation!).  You’ll see several summer pleasures on […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of August 30th

August 30, 2010 Plan

End of Vacation & Weigh-In on the DAMAGE: photo credit: sakuto.no_sai My vacation weight-control plan was not to diet.  That is one aspect I achieved with full success. I also wanted to make sure I enjoyed the pleasures of the summer season.  That too I did quite well. I wanted to enjoy my vacation – […]

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I Like to Travel, But I LOVE to Come Home

August 28, 2010 Relax

I really like to travel, but I LOVE to come home too. We were on summer vacation for almost 4 weeks. It’s a long time. photo credit: KTVee Before I forget in the day-to-day of my normal life, here’s a list of some things for coming home : Some of the fun stuff I did […]

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5 Weight Control Lessons from “Born Round”

August 25, 2010 General

As I mentioned recently, I listened to the audiobook version of Frank Bruni’s memoir “Born Round” during our summer vacation. I liked the book, but even better I saw several lessons on weight control (and weight loss) that struck me as particularly interesting. I’ve set up each of the lessons as a compare-and-contrast between book […]

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