Book review : Born Round

August 23, 2010 General

When we travel on vacation, we often have long drives, and this year was no exception.  I regularly listen to podcasts and sometimes listen to audiobooks, and I find the long car rides are a great opportunity to do both, but especially the audiobooks that I don’t think will stand up well to my usual […]

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Pleasures of the Indian Ocean

August 20, 2010 Relax

We are have just started the third and final phase of our long French vacation, after leaving Mauritius we have come to Reunion (a department of France, similar in status as Hawaii in the US).  Midweek next week we head home – and back to normal life. Both islands are in the Indian ocean, quite […]

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The Fattest Girl on the Beach

August 17, 2010 Featured

Here in the Indian ocean I’m pretty much the Fattest Girl on the Beach. photo credit: omnia_mutantur (not me! You wouldn’t catch me dead in a bikini bottom) I felt bad about that for about a minute, but mostly I felt bad for even thinking about it – for sizing up the other women & […]

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My Approach to Eat Pray Love

August 16, 2010 General

A while ago I read the bestseller Eat Pray Love photo credit: ohdearbarb I didn’t love the book – I often find these “gadget” books of somebody doing something for a year difficult to accept as a real story, they always smell like a successful book pitch that we’re playing along with, and so I […]

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Test your Geography & Win a Postcard!

Republic of Mauritius Flag August 14, 2010 Uncategorized

Here are 10 random facts about our current location for vacation They drive on the left, not the right Full of incredible beaches It’s Wintertime here Home of the dodo (now extinct) Almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs 11 times the size of Washington DC The official language (English) is spoken by less than 1% […]

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One More Reason To Focus On Achievable Goals

August 12, 2010 Motivate

Two Extremes of Goals When you set goals you can set Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals or you can set Easily Achievable Goals. photo credit: Eustaquio Santimano Overall in life, both have important roles to play, but in my opinion, for weight loss, Achievable Goals are more important. Actually, I have nothing against Big Hairy Audacious […]

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Walk With Me : Walking Motivation

August 10, 2010 Move

Several months ago my stepson received a new Nintendo DS game.  Some crazy Japanese critters, Pokémon something (I don’t remember which game – they all confuse me greatly, I’m amazed kids can keep them straight).  What interested me was the 2 inch plastic cookie-shaped thing that itcame with, called a “PokéWalker”. It’s a little gadget […]

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7 Ways to Make Back-to-School Into Back-to-Weight-Loss

August 9, 2010 Featured

It’s Back-to-School time, and that means another more than marking of the passage of time, more than getting the kids out of your hair. If you’re interested in weight loss, it can be a great opportunity for getting back on track. 7 ways you can make Back-to-School into Back-to-Weight-Loss 1) Grab the opportunity for another […]

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A Three Year Commitment to Myself and to My Weight

August 6, 2010 Featured

Anything worthwhile certainly takes a while. – Fred Rogers photo credit: Spooky Momma For a while now, I’ve been thinking about the long-term view about my weight.  I re-traced my weight history and saw the big picture.  I thought about the regain cycle I’ve been through too many times. I’ve accepted that long-term weight control […]

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The Pleasures Of Summer : A Vacation Diet Plan

August 2, 2010 Eat

I left on vacation last Friday – one of those unbelievable European-style long vacations, in fact.  Three weeks. Three weeks is a lot of time to get into diet trouble.  I’m making a goal to keep my weight to within one pound of my pre-vacation weigh in, which means I can enjoy myself a little, […]

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The Daily Brainstorm

August 1, 2010 Uncategorized

I was recently invited to join The Daily Brainstorm, which is a great honor and incredible opportunity for me to try to continue to spread my personal weight loss philosophy of “low stress” weight loss. The Daily Brainstorm is an aggregate blog, they are targeting it to be “A Blogazine to Rock Your mind”. “What’s […]

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My vacation weight plan

July 29, 2010 Plan

My vacation weight plan First of all, the good news is that I’m even making a plan, since that’s half the battle won right there. photo credit: Nadya Peek The vacation There is so much good about living in France. The food.  The culture.  The language.  My husband. The food.  In fact saying ‘the food’ […]

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Leave something uneaten (Renoncement)

July 28, 2010 Eat

Would you finish this? photo credit: Lee Carson I’m pretty sure I would, if I’d already decided to eat it.  Even that knocked-over blob of whipped cream on the side would get swept up.  If i was home alone I might even lick up the crumbs. When I eat, I usually clean my plate. A […]

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A Long Term Approach to Managing Weight

July 27, 2010 Featured

Time Marches On For me, one thing I’ve learned in life is that Time Marches On.  Sh*t Happens.  Life continues.  Good stuff happens.  Life continues. It’s not much different for weight.  You lose some.  You stabilize.  You gain a bit.  You lose a bit.  You gain a lot. You lose some again.  Time passes. A […]

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Weekly weight loss plan for the week of July 26th

July 26, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: Decent.  I enjoyed traveling less.  I enjoyed when I did travel too, which is a good combination.  I went on a really nice walk in Germany, and I had a great session at the gym yesterday.  I had some weird virus Friday and Saturday and felt pretty blah, but still […]

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