Great Advice : Plan to Fail

July 24, 2010 Plan

I was catching up on some reading today and I came across a nice post on change, which of course is a topic which always interests me. What really struck me was the almost-throwaway last paragraph : “One last note, to anyone making changes: you will fail. I don’t say that to discourage you, but […]

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This week’s pleasures, this weekend’s plans

July 23, 2010 Relax

This week I’ve done a better job of keeping track of the daily pleasures of my life.  Not obsessively, not every day, but taking the time to do something nice for myself, and when I’ve been feeling harried, taking the time to write down what those things are. Some of this week’s highlights : This […]

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Are You Happy?

July 22, 2010 Relax

I came across this amazing image the other day :  It is presented here with permission, and it’s by Alex Koplin & David Meiklejohn and you can find more about it here. As you know if you read my blog, I think a lot about balance, relaxing and that I follow “happiness” theory a little bit […]

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Body Weight Set Points

July 21, 2010 Featured

Do you believe in set points to your weight? Do you believe in the set points theory for your weight?  Certain weights at which your body just gets comfortable & really fights moving beyond.  This can be up or down. I dug around and found several different articles and a simple summary (from MIT, no […]

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I work with a Big Woman

July 20, 2010 Motivate

I work with a Big woman. Like probably above 300 pounds big. photo credit: Spree2010 (that’s not her, by the way!) She reminds me so much of myself at my heaviest – it hurts me deeply to watch her. She’s great at her job.  A really nice person, and a great model for communication – […]

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Weekly weight loss plan for the week of July 19th

July 19, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: Well, traveling was harder than being home, as I expected.  About half of the time that I travel I go regularly to the same locations, and that makes things easier – I know where the landmines are & I can plan accordingly.  Switzerland is going to be one of those […]

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Monsters, Habits & Happiness

July 17, 2010 Featured

There is an interesting article on the link between diet, exercise & happiness on The Happiness Project blog. Unhappiness comes from Desires versus Actions I found this really powerful:  “When there is disconnect between our desires and our actions, unhappiness ensues.”  -Adam Gilbert [pullquote]”When there is disconnect between our desires and our actions, unhappiness ensues.”  […]

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24 Things You Can Do Besides Eat When You’re Bored

July 16, 2010 Featured

Yesterday my plane home got stuck for technical issues and we had a lovely 3 hour wait on the plane while they dealt with repairs and tried to determine how cranky 50 people could get if you enclosed them in a small tin can with enormous heat and no water.  I kept thinking about what […]

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Pleasures from Switzerland

July 15, 2010 Relax

I’m traveling in Switzerland this week, and succeeding in most of my goals so far.  It’s not easy.  Lunch yesterday was a Big Challenge but luckily I had appropriate snacks in my hotel room, so I escaped the scene & went to grab something in my room instead. A walk around the lake I even […]

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Why you gained back the weight after your last diet

July 13, 2010 Featured

For the past several months I’ve been giving considerable thought to the long term perspective of my weight loss efforts. I know what to do, I just don’t always do it We all know that successful weight control efforts “require a lifestyle change” but I suspect that those of us who’ve lost a lot and […]

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Weight Loss Plan : week of July 12th

July 12, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: Being home for a whole week makes a big difference – it’s SO MUCH easier to eat well & exercise regularly when you can control your environment (I’m not the only one who thinks so)!  I’d like to think if I had this kind of schedule all the time I’d […]

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Why I Do This Here W.I.D.T.H.

July 10, 2010 Motivate

Do you know Jack? Jack has what I think is the most hilarious weight loss blog out there.  In addition to his funny guy posts, he’s got a great & unique style, using his webcam & about a zillion index cards, and he started a series called “Why I Do This Here” W.I.D.T.H. I finally […]

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Numbers 41-50 of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy

July 9, 2010 Relax

It’s time for another edition of “100+ Things That Make Me Happy“.  This is actually a partially themed edition, mainly around Summer pleasures, after some brainstorming inspired by a blog post I read recently about anticipating the pleasures of Summer.  This set of my Happy List is a mix of recent & anticipated pleasures, but […]

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The End of Spring Focus : Group Results

July 8, 2010 General

Spring Focus has now ended! The results are in… Group total weight loss is 129.2 pounds!!! That’s right, we lost a whole skinny girl!!! 13 people reported in to the final week, so yes, you read that right, the average weight loss is almost 10 pounds per participant! Here’s the breakdown : Losing 5 pounds […]

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The Food Journal Ladder

July 7, 2010 Eat

Food Journals : a most effective weight-loss tool For a long time now I’ve believed that one of the best, most effective diet tools out there is a food journal.  But for me, keeping a food journal can border on obsession, and puts way too much emphasis on self-policing and attention to basic daily behaviors […]

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