December 14, 2009

Well, my weight is still at 190, which means another week of the same.  I did get more focused, and generally cut back in a few areas, but also realized that mentally I’m not really ready for a big diet push right now.  As some of you pointed out in the comments from my previous post, I’ve had a LOT of stuff going on this year, and maybe I just need to be a bit more gentle with myself right now.

So I’m going to keep on eating low carb but not put on pressure & set my goal at getting through the holiday period by largely (not completely, not obsessively) sticking to my diet & keeping my weight roughly the same.  I think I might put the scale away for a few weeks too – but haven’t totally decided about that yet.

This week the counting that I did a few days did help me to see where I had been overdoing it – so that was useful.  But really fast counting felt like punishment, and I’ve had a hard enough year without giving myself any punishment so I dropped it.  I did stick to the lowest carb foods in general (except for sunflower seeds, which my supermarket just got back in stock).  We were invited to dinner at a friend’s house and she’d made a casserole main dish which was zucchini & pasta.  Pretty much no way to avoid eating it except to be extremely impolite, so I looked at my husband, shrugged, and ate.  Didn’t take seconds, but I did eat it, and decided that sometimes social situations will trump the ‘diet’ mentality (especially this time of year).  That of course led me to also accept dessert (ok, that was just that old ‘”on or off the diet” thinking coming back), as dessert is a course that you can always politely decline here in France or in any country.  It was good, and I don’t feel guilty – I was back on track the next day, but if I’d managed to lose anything during the week the pasta & rice pudding wiped it out…

So this week focus will be on eating healthy low carb, using up some things in the freezer, and getting to the gym 4 times this week.  X-mas travels start Weds the 23rd & I’ll need plans for that — but this week’s focus is clear.

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