Pizza Test Days 2 & 3

December 13, 2007

Due to the various comments – either “eww, egg on pizza, yuck!” or “now I’m craving pizza after reading your blog” I decided to put days 2 & 3 of the Pizza Test together into one post (but I still want your comments 😉 ).

Day 2 : Tuesday Dec 11

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After : Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  • The meal is the pizza : um… sort of. I only ate the pizza at first, but I’ve been dying for fruit and wasn’t hungry for a snack before dinner, so I did have fruit about an hour after the pizza
  • Pay attention to your hunger : I’d say my hunger was moderate, a 4 on a 6 point scale
  • Pay attention to your pleasure : Today’s pizza wasn’t great at all. Not enough sauce. Mushrooms dry and icky. Beef with no flavor, no spices. Cheese tasted kind of gummy to me. This pizza is the reason we’d decided to stop going to the pizza place just down the street, but yesterday’s was also from there and it was good. Tomorrow I have to get pizza from somewhere else. I’d give it a 1 of 3 on the pleasure scale.
  • Pay attention to your satisfaction : I ate a bit more than I really wanted because I kept thinking of the rule “the pizza is the meal” and I didn’t want to be hungry later. That, my friends, is called “stocking” and is not a good thing. I finally quit eating when I told myself I’d just break the rule and eat something else later if I’m hungry again. Ta da! I put the fork down.
  • Try to stop before it’s all gone : No problem there. I’d have been hard pressed to finish this pizza actually. I didn’t even eat many crusts, and normally I love crusts.
  • Any other comments? The quality of this pizza was a big factor in my lack of satisfaction. I was kind of wanting pepperoni but it’s not French, so the only place I can get it is Pizza Hut, and they have big pizzas not individual ones. I should have just gotten a small and been done with it. Tomorrow I’m making sure I have what I want, not just going down the street. At one moment I cut off a slice and picked it up in my hands, then remembered the comments I got about what a good idea it was to use the knife and fork, so I put it down and ate it the civilized and slow way. All this thinking is exhausting!

Day 3 : Wednesday Dec 12

Before : Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After : Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  • The meal is the pizza : Yep, ate only the pizza. Had herbal tea in the evening after, but no more food.
  • Pay attention to your hunger : I was pretty hungry, a 5 on a scale of 6. I ate around 9pm
  • Pay attention to your pleasure : I’d give it a 2 of 3 on the pleasure scale. Tonight I went out to a restaurant for pizza, because I couldn’t face the place near our house again. When the pizza first arrived I thought “uh-oh, this is MUCH better than the pizza at home, I bet I’ll eat a whole lot more.” But actually the first few bites were by far the best. As it went on, it became just another pizza. Although I did like the sausage…
  • Pay attention to your satisfaction : I felt pretty hungry and so I dug in pretty hard at first. I got myself to slow down and chew a few times, and a few times I put my fork down. You’ll notice that I ate more crusts today – they were crispy and browned as I like ’em. I thought I had stopped in time, but half a hour after eating I was too full.
  • Try to stop before it’s all gone : Ok. I didn’t want the rest of the pizza but I did want more sausage, so I ate the slices remaining on the rest of the pizza. I wonder if I’d have done that a few minutes earlier if I’d have stopped eating sooner. I think in all 3 cases I ate 2/3 of the pizza, when I look at the pics the plates look pretty uniform to me.
  • Any other comments? It was kind of fun to be at a restaurant by myself doing this homework. (My DH had a dinner meeting). I got a few strange looks as I took pics at the table for my before and after shots, but I thought it made the blog a bit more fun.

I have one more day left of Pizza Test. One more day seems like plenty.

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