Plan for the weekend of March 19th

March 19, 2010

Whew, I’ve gotten through the week without any major detours to my diet.  Food has been good, exercise has been pretty absent, but moving between cities every day I wasn’t expecting much.

I fly home to Paris this afternoon, have a ton of things to take care of at home tonight, and then we head to our summer place in the South Saturday morning.  We come back Monday, and Monday will be a challenge just because I’m working and needing to balance calls & work along with traveling via train. 

The summer place has been empty for months and since we’re just coming for the weekend we’re planning on mainly eating out – which is fine in theory except I’ll need stuff for breakfasts at home or else things will be trouble with my diet. 

I know we’re going to a traditional French place for lunch on Saturday when we first get in, then to a new Michelin-starred restaurant Saturday dinner.  Lunch I’ll find something diet-worthy without too much worry, and I’ll skip any treats to make sure I have a little wiggle room for delicious tidbits (and dessert) on Saturday night.  Sunday lunch I think is with friends (no control over the menu, so I’ll do the best I can) and Sunday dinner will likely be the local pizza place (which has really good pizza).  The last time I had pizza was the last time we were here – so in October I think, and I did fine & will again. 

Now that it’s written out, it seems pretty manageable, not a big “challenging weekend”. 

Exercise will require effort, but there are several hiking trails near our house, some of which I’ve never explored, and usually my husband is game to show me around.  I now have an old pair of sneakers I keep at the house so even if it’s muddy or rainy I’ll plan to get out there.

What is your weekend plan?

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