Pleasures from Switzerland

July 15, 2010

I’m traveling in Switzerland this week, and succeeding in most of my goals so far.  It’s not easy.  Lunch yesterday was a Big Challenge but luckily I had appropriate snacks in my hotel room, so I escaped the scene & went to grab something in my room instead.

A walk around the lake

I even managed to get out for a walk after work last night.  There is a big lake and as I walked around it I saw this outdoor concert :

  • Look what I saw! I was thrilled, it’s Local flavor!
  • photo.JPG
  • Did you know those silly pipes actually perform in concerts here?  It turns out they’re called Alphorns (Alpine horns) and they are just as cute and silly and unique as a Ricola commerical!
  • Want to hear it? I’m quite proud to have realized I have a recording function on my phone (warning : not great quality audio)  Alphorn concert
  • I have been keeping a list of pleasures which include :

    • Green tea @ breakfast
    • Good espresso
    • An interesting book (currently reading : American Psycho)
    • Molton Brown brand bath products
    • Peppermint herbal tea
    • My chocolate!
    • Podcasts in the mornings as I get ready
    • Room service having healthy options
    • Orchids and other gorgeous flowers in the hotel
    • Walking around with a really nice purse
    • Summer sunshine
    • Fitting into the dress and now seeing a little room to spare (it was a bit tight 6 weeks ago)
    • Stopping in a Starbucks & getting them to make me an iced tea (which they don’t have on the menu!)
    • Walking from the office to the hotel in a summer downpour, getting soaked to the bones & smiling at the joy of life, summer rainstorms, and the kid-in-me enjoying splashing through puddles, ruining my clothes & risking my computer getting drenched!  Fun!!!

    What daily pleasures are you enjoying right now?

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