Pleasures on the Road

June 17, 2010

Well, my new food journal & pleasure log combo is still working for me & thought I’d update you with some of the pleasures of the last few days.

Food wise there is not much exciting to report – you know your diet is going really well when the worst thing you can report is that you ate half an apple after dinner because you were kind of bored & it was there but you realized you weren’t really hungry (which is why it was only half an apple).

Pleasures this week :

  • Podcasts, especially New Yorker Out Loud & The Moth
  • Finishing a novel! I’m back to reading – doing the A-Z author challenge
  • Bringing my own good-quality teas with me & enjoying them instead of the cheap hotel teas (although I always taste the hotel ones first)
  • Nice dinner in a proper restaurant for once, instead of all the room-service or quick-food compromises
  • Not having to get up before 7 one day this week
  • Time for a nice breakfast that became brunch
  • Due to a schedule mix-up having time to go to the gym (and having packed so that I had gym stuff with me!)
  • Getting my work inbox under control again finally
  • The club lounge at the hotel that has free drinks (even if I’m just grabbing the sparkling water with lime)
  • Getting caught up on blogs
  • Free hotel shampoo called “Happy”
  • My lovely verbena hand cream. I’ll be sad when it’s gone.
  • Teakettles in the hotel room & my stash of Celestial Seasonings restaurant pack bags for relaxing evening rituals
  • Taking a nice hot bath & soaking while reading a novel

Beautiful Blogger Award

Another nice treat this week was Tish giving me a blogging award! That was so sweet to discover this weekend, but I wanted to find the time to reply properly (or semi-properly at least)

The award requires me to list seven things about myself that you probably don’t know. I’m counting on the fact that thanks to Spring Focus there are a lot of new-ish faces around here in the “probably don’t know” side.
Seven Things you Probably Don’t Know about Me
  1. I’m an American in Paris : I came to France as an expat for my company for what was supposed to be a 2-3 year assignment, but ended up meeting my husband, falling in love, getting married & going local
  2. I used to hate mushrooms and bananas : but now I actively like mushrooms and can tolerate bananas. I’ve tried the same trick with fish but except for white fishes that don’t taste like anything I haven’t been successful.
  3. I am a typical oldest child : I am responsible, like I was growing up, but I can also be bossy. I’m working on it.
  4. I’ve had 9 surgeries in the past 5 years. Five of those were in the past year, 7 were related to fertility and/or endometrial cancer.
  5. I used to be terribly modest about my body : but 5 years of fertility treatment in France will quickly rid you of that. The worst was probably having an HSG test and having to skootch around on a big radiology table while 3 techs and 2 doctors tried to figure out the right angle because their regular machine was down. I was buck naked with this syringe thing coming out… I am not a big drinker but that night I had a couple glasses of wine. Nowadays I laugh when in the US they try to give me a paper gown.
  6. I have a big postcard collection : mainly they are postcards I buy at art museums or when traveling, but whenever someone sends me a postcard I keep it too. My office is filled with postcard mobiles like this
  7. I’m going to move my blog soon : I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and wanted to wait until I could make it look nice, but I’m starting to think I should just bite the bullet. I hate that there are ads on my blog. I hate that there are some things that I can’t do with my blog because of how it’s set up with 3FC. I’ve watched a lot of other people move from 3FC and found a ton of bloggers outside of 3FC, so I think I’ll move in the next few weeks. It won’t look nice for a while – I’m going to find a good design, but it’s kind of like designing your own house – once you start looking at the options for every faucet & door handle you kind of get overwhelmed by the choice at the same time your tastes get more and more particular.
I’m also supposed to nominate 7 other lucky winners (your instructions : post the image above, the 7 things about you & nominate another 7)
Diet Buddy @ Diet Buddy Daily

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