Progress all around

August 19, 2009

I’m making progress on many fronts these past few days :

I’m back on the low-carb diet hard core these past 3 days and the scale is showing it, so next week’s weigh in should be a good reflection of where I really am, in that the carb bloat should be gone by then.  I’ve also been drinking tons and tons of water and tea, and feeling better for it.

I’ve unpacked and done tons of laundry and have only 3 small piles of stuff from vacation to finish putting away (including a pile of books that I don’t have room for…).

I contacted a surrogacy lawyer and we had a conference call with her yesterday.  She seems knowledgeable and thorough, my husband (also a lawyer) was reassured by her answers and her honesty (when she didn’t know, talking about risks, referring certain aspects to lawyers specialized in other fields, etc).   It seems like the pieces of this complicated puzzle are starting to fit into place.

I had a conversation with my boss about what is going on.  She’s been great and has only had the vaguest notions of what’s going on, but I told her pretty much everything yesterday (without emotion, yeah me!).  I’m back at work now and for the next few weeks, but then will be in the US for the IVF collection for 10 days or so in late Sept, a week or so before that will be unable to travel due to the shots I have to take, and then after the embryos are made & frozen I’ll have the hysterectomy – which will put me out of commission for several more weeks at least.  In short, although right now I could be back 100%, it’s a very small window, and it would be very disruptive to my team for me to come back for 3 weeks and then go away again for 3 months, so we agreed that I will just stay in the background and follow things from a distance except for a few projects that were always mine anyway.  I’m lucky she’s been so understanding and kind, it’s taken a lot of pressure off.  I’m also going to tell my team the big lines of what’s going on next week.  It was too painful to talk about without crying before my vacation, but now that I’ve had more time to get used to it & we have a plan in place I can live with, I find I’m able to talk more calmly about it. 

I also think I managed to fix my computer. I took a ton of pics on vacation and the second to last night as I was importing them I moved the computer and the external drive which holds all my photos disconnected.  Since then hadn’t managed to get to them, but I’ve been researching how to repair it and bought a new external disk and some software and it looks like it’s working (currently running in the background).  Now the new disk will be my media disk (photos, music & video) and the old external disk will become what I’ve needed for a while now – a BACKUP!

I haven’t managed to get myself to exercise – not sure why, as I have planned to each day and it’s not a lack of time, but I’ll attack that next week.

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