Put one foot in front of the other…

August 17, 2007

…and I have just walked out the door.  Every day for 5 days now.  Even in rain twice.  It’s been really nice to have this return to exercise be so natural.  I spent YEARS pushing myself into a gym (and here in France the gym is really ugly, loud colors & not air-conditioned, and pretty smelly, crowded & cramped).  Once in the gym I would push myself hard on the various machines, with my fave being the elliptical.  I may still go back to the gym someday (especially in winter) but for now I am really liking the walking.

It feels like a reward at the end of the day, just me and my iPod walking in different directions around this great city, or sometimes heading to a big park to get some green.  I know walking doesnt burn as many calories as lots of other stuff you can do, but since it was forced on me due to the rules for recovering from surgery, I have really found it to be a great thing.  Years ago I walked & lost some weight, and then found the gym & did that instead.  Now I’m hoping I’ll keep walking as a part-time activity even after I go back to the low-impact things I can do at a gym.

Tomorrow I am hoping for a long walk, especially as Sunday is supposed to be rainy, so I’m sure it will be a short one.

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