Putting myself first

September 2, 2009

These days I do everything I can to reduce stress in my life and to put myself first.

The big shock of the unexpected endometrial cancer diagnosis is behind me, as are (most) of the sleepness nights associated with it.  But the medical road is just at a cruising area now, not done by any means, and in a few weeks I’ll be pumped to the gills with hormones that will make me battier than ever as we harvest eggs before the hysterectomy.

We’ve made good progress on the gestational carrier (new-fangled term for ‘surrogate’) front – we selected the lawyer this week, and will start to work out contract terms with our GC this weekend.  I’m working on ways to reassure her about our involvement in the pregnancy (not easy since we’re in Paris and I will want to put most of my time off from work after the baby comes).  All in all, although it’s a complex and detailed process (and expensive – did I mention Expen$ive?), it is manageable, and all 3 of us have a good feeling about this (me, my husband, and our GC).

I’ve been getting a lot of niggly projects out of the way and doing the minimal required for work.  Thank goodness my boss is an angel and has kept things easy for me and agreed to no travel.

I even went back to the gym, first on Saturday and then again yesterday, and now plan to try to go 3 times a week.   No big pressure – just trying to do things to reduce stress.  I also want to go back to meditating (well, I didn’t ever do it regularly enough to call it ‘going back to’ but maybe I could say ‘go back to exploring’?).

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