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March 29, 2010

These past few weeks I’ve posted more and more about Relaxing and Pleasures and balancing stress.  Last week I started a cool new thing to post my “100+ Things That Make Me Happy” list — and I hope many people will join me.

As some of you have guessed, it’s not just me sitting home in a bubble bath that has me thinking about relaxation and stress reduction — it’s my stressful life, which is getting a bit more stressful again.  Life is like that, things tend to come in waves, and while 2009 turned out to be very stressful because of my health, there are still big implications from that in 2010.

What’s stressing me now?

The biggest stressors for me are still around my health, and still fallout from last year’s shocking diagnosis of endometrial cancer that left me having a hysterectomy when I was hoping to have a baby.

We’re gearing up for another IVF harvest in the coming weeks.  The incredible irony of birth control pills after a hysterectomy, the joy of 50+ shots, the horror of giving myself injections in airplane bathrooms, the organization of about a million details and appointments, the crippling expense of the whole process, and of course the emotional toll of the whole process.  …and of course the Hope that this time it will result in a healthy baby.

So, weight loss is on hold for a few more weeks, as I try to have a very healthy organic diet and some regular exercise, but keep myself away from any extremes (avoiding both extreme indulgences and also dieting).  In total it will be about a 6 week break (started 2 weeks ago) because I don’t want to be depriving my eggs of any nutrients they may need.  It would be great if I can manage to keep my weight to stable within 2 pounds during this period – so I’m actively paying attention to not overdoing it, but don’t expect to lose (or want to lose) right now.

There are also other sources of stress right now (notably Job Stress) but that’s minor in the greater scheme of things.

The plan for this week

Really, even though I’m not losing, I’m someone who needs to pay attention in order to maintain.

Focus days? Monday-Thursday

Challenges : Tuesday lunch (out with colleagues), fitting in exercise

Solutions : gym tonight, gym tomorrow morning and gym either Weds morning or Thurs morning

Tuesday lunch : big salad and bring snacks with me for later

Friday flight : bring healthy snacks with me, have a bite to eat at the airport before boarding, eat at the layover, bring a good book & a fully charged iPhone

Talk to my parents about getting a gym pass for time at home…

Scale? Try to keep with the once a week check-ins

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