100+ Things That Make Me Happy!

How to Create a list of 100+ Things That Make You HappyI recently made this post about creating a list of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy and why I found that to be a really helpful partner in managing my weight the low-stress way last year.

My List

The link after each set of ten is to the post that explains each item.

  1. Cook something yummy (explanation items 1-10 here)
  2. Trimming the rosebushes
  3. Doing art projects
  4. Taking sunbaths!
  5. Having a clean house – and sometimes the act of getting it that way
  6. Not having piles of clutter
  7. Being on top of projects and paperwork
  8. Doing things that are supposed to be healthy for me, like taking vitamins & drinking green tea
  9. Drinking good teas (black, herbal, green)
  10. Playing sudoku
  11. A hot bath with a cool glass of water (read the details of 11-20 here)
  12. Pretty feet after a pedicure
  13. Wearing a pretty dress
  14. Getting a massage or spa treatment
  15. Reading a good book
  16. Watching a movie at home
  17. Really good really dark chocolate
  18. Going on a hike
  19. Listening to the sound of the ocean
  20. Getting a good night’s sleep
  21. The Mountains (read the details of 21-30 from the Estes Park Weekend)
  22. Going out for a decadent brunch
  23. A big chunk of time to read a mystery or thriller
  24. Hot tubs
  25. Independent coffee shops
  26. Mexican food
  27. Spending time with my husband with nothing on the agenda
  28. Seeing wild animals in their natural environment
  29. Makeup counter Bonus Time
  30. Cinnamon flavored stuff
  31. Buying a gift for a new baby (read the details of 31-40)
  32. The circus
  33. Hugging a friend
  34. A big pile of magazines
  35. My list of favorite quotes
  36. Taking a nap in the afternoon
  37. Writing with a nice pen
  38. I hate to admit it, but eating sunflower seeds
  39. That feeling when you take off your bra after wearing it for many hours
  40. My iPhone
  41. Silence (read the details of 41-50)
  42. Days when I work from home and can control my schedule
  43. Getting unexpected calls, SMS & emails from my husband just saying he loves me
  44. Iced tea & ice cold water on a hot day
  45. Going to the theater
  46. Tomato plant smell
  47. Fresh clean pretty sheets
  48. Carrying around a really nice purse
  49. Exuberant & vibrant gardens
  50. Eating outdoors
  51. Hanging out in a hammock on a hot summer day (read the details of 51-60)
  52. Doing something slightly adventurous, like canoeing
  53. Pay it Forward
  54. The “typical” meal at our summer house : tomatoes, Pélardon, olive oil & melon
  55. Swimming
  56. Picking fresh fruit off the trees & bushes
  57. Watching stars, especially on nights when you can see shooting stars
  58. Birthday cake and ice cream
  59. Catching a rainbow
  60. Time off work
  61. Wearing jewelry (read the details of 61-70)
  62. Lemon verbena
  63. Learning something
  64. Going to the outdoor markets and being treated as a special customer
  65. Old people full of vigor
  66. A subtle candle burning in a corner
  67. The Chillout song (and Story)
  68. A walk around town or in a park
  69. A nice, feminine, subtle perfume
  70. My new cashmere bathrobe
  71. Hearing birds singing to each other in the morning (read the entries 71-80)
  72. Silly stickers
  73. Getting my eyebrows done
  74. Visiting a museum or art exhibit
  75. Buying organizational tools
  76. Finishing a project I’ve been working on for a long time
  77. Well-manicured hands
  78. Having the luxury of a slow morning with newspaper, hot tea, breakfast & a gentle ramping up to the day
  79. Getting cards from my mom stuffed with cartoons and newspaper clippings
  80. Having my back rubbed
  81. …more coming soon…

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Join us! What are some of the things that make you happy?

If you join in making this list, please let me know and I’ll add your blog.