March 16, 2009

I am feeling so relieved that I’ve taken action.  It’s only one day, but still, it’s a big improvement.

I made many healthy choices all day, despite tough circumstances and temptations galore.

We had 3/4 of a leftover pannettone, I made oatmeal.

We had leftover Indian food, I reheated frozen soup.

We have cookies and candy and crackers and chips, I had an orange.

On the plane they had a choice of “salty or sweet” nibbles and your choice of drink – I had Perrier, with nothing else.

Arriving in Germany I knew I had choices of pizza, pasta, Chinese, Indian & Thai for dinner.  I chose to stop at a grocery store and pick up salad and soup and turkey breast and clementines and muesli for breakfast.

For weeks now I’ve been making the first side of these choices.  One day doesn’t undo it, but on the other hand, one day is a start.

I am amused by the Points thing.  I did WW when I was a teenager with my stepmom and it was before Points existed, it was just exchanges.  I’ve counted calories for years.  But I feel like I’m learning again because Points are new and aren’t just a swap out for calories.

The real reason I chose WW was because I knew I had to do something, and I’d just seen a presentation in a scientific forum of their “method” and was intrigued (both professionally and personally).  It seemed like a sign.  I’ll blog a bit about their behavioral change tools “Tools for living” because that was the real impetus for me to join (I’ve been learning a lot about behavioral change models for work, and obviously present a good case model myself with my weight…)  WW has pretty amazing statistics showing basically that the more involved people are with their program, the better they do.  (And the longer they stay w WW, and thus, the more money WW makes).

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