Replacing bad habits with good

October 12, 2009

A few weeks ago I made a goal to exercise 3 times a week.  This was after months of on and off (mostly off) exercise & knowing that exercise increased immune response & just generally makes one feel better & be healthier.  Still, adding in another daily to-do seemed like way too much stress, so I decided to only shoot for 3 times a week.

What a great way to start. With the exception of the IVF (where I was told NOT to exercise by my doc) I’ve been doing great for 3 weeks now, and in fact most weeks have managed 4 sessions not 3.  I look forward to the days when I make it to the gym (or have far away errands & decide to walk to and from). 

I’ve added some other good habits over the past few months too.  One of them has been increasing my tea consumption, especially green tea.  In fact, I generally start the day with black tea, then switch to green mid-day.  At first I was kind of choking down the green tea.  I’ve never been a fan, but it’s supposed to be SO HEALTHY especially for cancer so I decided to start.  To my great surprise I found a few weeks into it that I actually liked it.  A lot.  I’ve become something of a conoisseur, with about 6 varieties in my kitchen (and usually 2 or 3 bags in my purse).  I also found out that black tea is as good for you as green (even though green gets all the press).  In the afternoons & evenings I drink herbal teas, which I don’t think have too many health benefits, but are tasty and a good diversion from mindless snacking. 

Yesterday the tea drinking paid off.  We had a brunch.  One of those landmines of French eating — the guests brought both cookies and chocolate mousse.  My husband bought 3 kinds of croissants – and one of each for everyone.  We had juice, and I made smoothies.  Does there appear to be anything low carb on offer?  No.  Of course, I did have eggs in the fridge, but it’s always a bit awkward to eat other things than everyone else, and we hadn’t gotten organized enough to plan an egg dish, so I figured I’d let them start & offer eggs once things got going.  And I sat down with a big pot of tea.  (Which I take w cream).  I never got hungry, I just kept drinking the tea, then switched to the green tea (I’d made 2 pots of tea for the guests) and didn’t get hungry until an hour after everyone left (at which point I ate something low carb from the fridge).  It was the easiest brunch on a diet that I’ve had in France.  If I’m not dieting I eat the croissants and jam and butter like the rest of them, but when I am dieting it’s always a really hard battle between the goodies on offer and what I think I should be eating.  Finally I was able to enjoy the company without stressing about the food (because it was all off limits and I’m so into this low carb thing that breads & sugars don’t even tempt me). 

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