February 14, 2012

Sultan Reward

I’ve been giving myself rewards again during this focused Reasonable Diet 12 week program.

I bought an arts magazine

I bought a book on art that I wanted

I bought myself a nice little notebook to put my daily food journal in, since the paper food journal has been working really well for me, and I need to continue for another 2 months.

I bought some yoga blocks, since I’m flexibility-challenged but have started doing short sessions of yoga with my son at my feet (and crawling over my belly too)

Every week I’m spending around €10 for a gift of encouragement, something to reinforce the efforts I’ve been making, something a bit more concrete than numbers that might or might not decrease on the scale.

I’ve found it nice, motivating, supportive and encouraging – just the thing to help keep a positive mindset in place for this diet journey.

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