January 15, 2012

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I added in another trick from my past to this week. When I was successful in losing almost a decade ago, one of the things I did was to have a weekly reward if I reached my behavior goals (diet and exercise). I didn’t tie it to weight loss, because it’s too depressing already to have o everything right and not lose anything.  I made it all about doing what I said I was going to do, and nothing else.

Last week, I did what I said I was going to do.  I kept a food journal, even if I changed formats.  I walked three times, even if I’d hoped for it to be four.  I was attentive and tuned in, but not obsessive.  I went to a cooking class & didn’t go totally overboard there & then got right back on track.  I even lost a pound.

I haven’t given myself rewards for several years. It’s somewhat disconcerting that I’m adding that back at the time when we are being so careful with our spending. These rewards are more symbolic than anything else.  It’s also good for making me think about things I want, and then wait for them.  I bought my first iPod with several weeks of saved-up rewards when dieting a decade ago.  In some ways the reduced spending is actually making the reward more rewarding – since I’m not regularly buying myself impulse items, the idea of small little gifts to myself is actually quite appealing.  I’m enjoying the process of identifying little gifts to give myself, and finding things to look forward to.

My first reward? This art magazine.  I enjoy going to art exhibits – it’s one of the great things about living in Paris.  I don’t do it enough, and having a good view of the shows I want to see helps me to get organized to go. These days getting to such events means planning either baby-sitting (rare) or how to get there with the baby (usually involves lots of walking), and the idea of scheduling more of this as the weather gets nicer (Springtime is coming soon to Paris!) is really appealing.  Good for motivation, on many, many levels.


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