February 10, 2010

That’s not me, and those aren’t my rings, but it’s starting to be a possibility.

I’ve always had fat hands, fat fingers.  I’ve blogged about it, because the fat of my fingers was problematic as I gained wait.  Most of my life I avoided wearing rings.

Then I met my husband. Way before we got engaged he gave me these rings :

They are very pretty.  They were also given when I weighed about 185, and so they’ve been out of circulation for a few years.  The pink is my favorite but the stone is loose & I don’t wear it because it needs to be repaired.   And when I was losing weight from my mid 180’s setpoint, as I got to 175 the rings were all too big & I was considering having them resized down.  Then came the Big Years & these rings were a distant memory.

Of course, I also have an engagement ring & wedding band.  Those were sized for a 195 pound me, and as I went up in weight the fat kind of settled above the rings — making taking them off impossible.  I’ve been worried at every medical procedure that they’d force me to get them off (somehow) & then I’d not be able to get them back on.  This past surgery in November is the first time I wasn’t worried about that — I slipped them off & gave them to my husband & put them back on 24 hours later, no sweat.

Last summer my husband gave me another 2 rings.  I had one sized for my middle finger, the other for the ring finger of my right hand.  I weighed 200 at the time & chose a size ring that was tight but wearable.  They’re now wearable, but not tight. 

There are so many ways to see progress even if the scale seems stuck!

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