January 3, 2008

In Low Stress Weight Loss you can eat anything. One of the key ideas is that Nothing is Taboo. So anything is really Anything. Cheese, butter, pastries, pizza, steak, pasta, it’s all good. French, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, no limits.

Another key idea is that of Satisfaction. As in, the question you are supposed to ask yourself when you are hungry is “what will satisfy me?”. I am just starting to Get It that “satisfaction” does not mean “desire”. It’s not an eat-whatever-you-want thing, it’s about finding what is essentially the lowest-common-denominator between your hunger and your desire – that is Satisfaction.

If you’re dying for a cheeseburger then a salad probably won’t cut it. But maybe a small steak would Satisfy without going the full-hog approach of the burger. And sometimes, the only thing that will Satisfy is in fact the cheeseburger. In which case, go ahead, and absolutely 100% guilt free. …But you said it was the cheeseburger you were desiring – so will ordering it without the fries Satisfy?

I am learning and re-learning every day. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been thinking satisfaction = desire, but that’s not the right way to think about it. Only in recent days have I come to think of this concept of Satisfaction in a way that makes sense in the context of weight management. Basically I’m looking for that point minimal Satifaction to eat with pleasure and still lose weight.

The light bulbs keep coming on, but there’s a lot of path in the darkness between the lights still!

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