Should I take a “Dessert Test”?

December 17, 2007

Given the success of the Pizza Test, I’m wondering if I should put myself on a “dessert test” for this coming week. I’m in a 4 day offsite meeting, staying in a big chain hotel where there is a buffet lunch and seated dinners (probably one restaurant dinner too). I’ll be faced with dessert 7 times in total. What if I decide to have dessert 7 times?

Often my approach at meetings like this is to tell myself that I can have dessert once or twice in the 4 days. My choice as to when and what, but limiting the times (I don’t count fruit).

But what if I decided now to have dessert 7 times? Will I be less anxious about it? Will I listen more to my hunger and maybe have just one bite and leave the rest alone? Will I eat chocolate mousse, AND the lemon tart, AND the napoleon AND the custard in the same meal, and go on to repeat that 7 times?

Somehow I’m feeling that giving myself permission to have dessert every day, at every meal, is going to be better progress than the rationing out of sugar.

I’m still sticking to fruit only at coffee breaks, however – I’m not ready to go crazy yet!

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