So far, so good

November 24, 2008

I am very VERY happy to be back on track.

I have found the shift back to healthy eating relatively easy.  I think the first days were the worst, but the fact that I kept some of my healthy habits even when “gone” has made getting back on track reasonable.

I’ve been tracking my weight daily, something I’m going to keep up for a while, just because it helps me see the goal of managing my diet clearly every day.  Even a ‘lower’ weight is a frightening number to me, so this daily check-in is kind of a motivation boost.

I’ve weighed myself enough in my life to know that daily weight fluctuates by a few pounds.  So I don’t freak out by a higher number, and I don’t jump for joy at one low number either.  I know a +3 gain (like between yesterday and today) is not a real reflection of my diet, and I know that a low number seen once may take a while to establish itself as the new normal.  But overall it gives me a trend and for now it’s helpful motivation instead of stressful punishment, so for now it’s staying in my plan. (See the tab at the top for the daily graph if you want to see how I’m tracking it).

I’m going home for the holidays for about 10 days in December.  I think this has opened up the “can be homesick” option and I’m feeling it more and more.  My big challenge when I’m home will be to not do a “final feast” and try to cram into my mouth everything I think I “don’t have in France”.  Ridiculous, really, as I can find almost everything and there are plenty of great things in France I can’t find in the States, but that mentality almost always does me in when I go to the US.  The only place that’s really legitimate is maybe my Mom’s cooking (which is always healthy anyway) and good Mexican food (and that, I will allow myself without guilt).  All the chain restaurants, all the convenience foods, all the holiday snacks etc are all things that usually aren’t absolutely delicious and unique.

In the homesick vein, I made a can of Campbells Tomato soup last night for dinner.  It was bought in an import grocery store and cost about $4.50 for one can.  Ridiculous.  And it tasted…  chemical, fake, processed and not-so-great.  The first few bites were okay but by the end I was really totally over it.   Homemade tomato soup is so much better – even if it’s just throwing cans of cut tomatoes into a saucepan w spices and water.

I also ate a lot of the leftover veggies from the past few days – those were far better than the soup.  I finished the spinach (one of my favorite veggies since forever) and ate almost all the oven-roasted beets (so good, so sweet, I understand why some diets consider them non-diet food!).  I also polished off the remains of the green beans (well, I gave my husband half of them!).  Yum, I’d made them w a lemon pepper that my cousin had sent me and they were so good.  The veggies cleared my mouth of the soup residue and tasted so good and fresh – really amazing.

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