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December 30, 2008

December  26th

Exercise : 2 hrs walking around

Breakfast : breakfast burrito (left 1/4), latte

Snacks : apple,  several cookies, a few chips, another half apple, pho broth

Dinner : 4 very greasy latkes with sour cream, chicken in oily sauce, pine nut salad, 3 more cookies

fruit & veg count : not so hot, about 5

December 27th

Breakfast : fruit smoothie

Lunch : naked Qdoba steak burrito, left 1/3

Dinner : crudites, turkey, purple mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, salad, blueberry pie with ice cream

Leave something leftover : not so great at dinner, ok for smoothie and lunch

Fruit & veg count : over 10

December 28th (flying all day)

Breakfast : 2 pancakes w butter and syrup

Lunch : tomato soup, fruit salad, shrimp cesear salad

Snack : strawberry smoothie 16 oz not finished

Dinner : roll w butter, nuts, salad w blue cheese dressing, chicken w veggies and barley, fruit salad

Fruit & veg : about 9

December 29th :

Exercise : 1 hour elliptical

Snack : apple, 1 biscotti

Dinner (out to couscous) : pepper and tomato salad, whole wheat couscous, meatballs and 1/3 merguez sausage, lots of veggies, 1 peice baklava

Fruit & veg count : about 6

December 30th :

Exercise : 60 min elliptical

Breakfast : oatmeal w milk and agave

Lunch : pea soup, roll

Dinner : steak, aligot (mashed potatoes mixed with a ton of cheese), artichoke hearts

Fruit & veg count : 3

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