Some nice things

March 3, 2010

Wow, this “focus on relaxing” thing seems to be really helping me.

Focus on the Positive

Instead of just paying attention to food (it’s a food journal week) and exercise that I should do, I’m paying attention to the Relaxing and Pleasure of what I want to do too.

It makes me focus on the Positive and not feel like I’m living a life of deprivation.  (Not that I am living a life of deprivation anyway, but sometimes dieting can feel like that).

I packed a small candle in my suitcase.  I have a pillow spray from the hotel last week that is lovely and a nice little touch.  I kept the flower from the room service tray in my room to decorate and liven the place up a bit.  I have a good book and an iPhone packed with lots of podcasts to listen to as I get ready in the mornings.  There are plenty of nice things going on.

The Challenges have begun

Huge enormous hotel breakfast buffet with about 7 million kinds of cakes and pastries, tons of jams and pancakes, juices, and well, just about anything you would say wouldn’t be part of your healthy, diet-friendly breakfast was on offer.  I stuck to my guns and had roughly the same breakfast I’d have chosen at home, although I did add berries.  Wonderful deep red tangy berries.

When did coffee breaks become snack breaks?

I’m at this big meeting with fixed coffee breaks twice a day.  If you’ve ever been to one of these events you’ve probably seen the same thing – a big chain hotel, a bunch of people, scheduled breaks.

But it’s not really about the coffee at these things anymore – it’s all about the snacks.  They’ll probably have different snacks out at each of the breaks (2 day meeting, so 4 breaks total).  Small squares of cakes, cookies, candy, fruit (if you’re lucky or push to the front before it’s all gone).  Often in the afternoon they’ll add some salty snacks too.  And given that I’m in Germany it’s likely to be pretzels.

What do I do?  I focus on the coffee.  Well, tea actually.  I try to drink a cup during the break and make another cup to take into the conference room with me.  Comforting, warm, soothing, tasty tea.  So far this morning, I’ve had 3 cups of a lovely flavored green tea.  And 2 cups of English Breakfast tea at breakfast.

Focusing on the tea makes me not focus on the snacks that I pass up.  Honestly it’s not that anyone is actually hungry at 10:30, nor that the snacks are ever THAT good – usually they are industrial disappointing sickly sweet things.  So I know my tea focus is a better health choice, a better mental focus, and aids me in relaxing.

What nice things are in your life today?

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