Sources of stress

October 19, 2008

My sources of stress are sort of working themselves out.

For those who’ve been following me for a while, you might remember a few times I’ve talked about my current job as something I am tolerating but not loving.  I’ve been with this company for a while now (about 15 years) but took a cross-training job in sales management when I went to a local French contract because my boss and the managing director told me it was a necessary career move.  I sucked it up and I’ve been at it for 18 months.  This year I’ve also had an assignment to a special task force in my company that is much closer to my interests and real skill set, and things these past few months have been tough because the time needs of the task force has been in conflict with my day job.  Well, things finally got to the boiling point this week, and the managing director decided to put me full time on the task force job, so in a few weeks I’ll be out of the sales management position.  It’s a good thing for my resume and good for my head (to be back in a place that I really enjoy and feel I can really contribute my best).  Lifestyle wise it won’t be so easy, as the task force will require a lot of travel for a while, but at least the tug-of-war and need to work around the clock should stop.

The challenge will be in working out a way to keep up with trying for a baby with a job that will require travel.  Not sure how that will sit with my new bosses, but my priorities are crystal clear, so it’s not a question of IF I’ll prioritize that way, just a question of working out HOW that will play in the real world.  DH and I have talked quite a bit, and we’re both okay with me traveling until pregnant, but then I’ll need to push my way back into the local organisation.  Since I don’t know how long it will take to get pregnant, and since the task force needs are really heavy right now and into the next 6 months, I figure it’s a good gamble both for me and for the company.  Other than saying I’ll need some extra non-travel days, I don’t plan on telling anyone what we’re trying for…

This whole job thing has been on my mind more than I’d like to admit these past several months, so it was a big relief Friday to have a clear path forward.  Now I’ll pretty much be back to needing to eat healthy on the road – something I did really successfully in 2002.

This weekend’s eating? Well, dessert three times… But not too bad choices other than that. We’ll let it go, and focus on this week.

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